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45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier Name of PATURRO


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2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier

Just show you Hashimoto(Sansui)H-20-3.5U 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

This time will be use Hashimoto Sansui H-20-3.5U Single Ended Transformer.this transformer is semi universal transformer. can be use for 2.5K ohm and 3.5K ohm.
2.5K ohm for 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier and 3.5K ohm for 45 . slightly low for 45 plate impedance.
but still may use because normal impedance is 3.9K ohms for 45 and this transformer has 4 ohm out put impedance so if connected 8 ohms at 4 ohm position
can be use as 5 K ohms for 45.
Sound is quite good .I think better than ISO Tango XE20S but not same range of high .
this time I made small up date of schematic(circuit).so much bass than before.please see schematic.10Hz to 100Khz with 3dB of NFB but Non NFB is good sound stage.
Detail of components: first stage coupling capacitor are 0.1uF 630V Del Rithmo Vita Q, 2nd coupling capacitor are 0.47uF 600V Arizona cap as Blue Cacutas.
Audio Transformer are H20 3.5U semi Universal transformer of Hashimoto. Power transformer is Hashimoto PT-160V.Tubese are Teflon base UX and US for 2A3 and 5U4G.
resistance are Metal Takman and some of Kiwame Carbon for Power supply circuit.first capacitor of power supply is film Shizuki 47uF 800V and Unicon Block condensor.
wire are OFC Oyaide at all. and circuit of Transformer to Binding post is using silver wire.small capacitor are Nichikon KMG and bypass capacitor are Muse Nichikon.
and Spragure USA.Metal resistance will be make sound very bright.so many components high price.
Frequency response is 20hz to 90 Khz flat around -1dB and small NFB around -6dB made 10Hz to 120Khz within -1dB almost flat at 0.1W by 2A3 2.5K ohms.
Nominal power is 3.5W rms by 2A3 and 45 is 1.6 W rms at 8 ohms load.
Paturro 2A3/45 SET 2014 May Chile

31st May 2014 in Chile VS with Leben CS-300 XS Reffer

Daniel Speaker and Paturro

Daniel Made Speaker and Paturro in South of Chile Date is same as above

Paturro 2_ (2A3). Within 30 seconds of hearing the amp could notice Paturro breed. Many more serious than the Packard-Bell (and more ordered).
Tremendously detailed. Never noticed lack of bass regardless of the music we hear (Jazz, Strings, Pop and even Rock).

3_Paturro (45). Another thing. Loooong better performance in low ... low more tight. All in perspective (much more coherence) more coherent and orderly music
; with more presence in the 2A3 (always hear the same issues so that only changed the amp or valve).
The 2A3 highlighted for its detail in the treble and midrange.
The 45 does not lose detail and holography of 2A3 but incorporates gravesordensdísmos and more coherent than the 2A3.
I'd say we were on the brink of rock fully with this single ended (and the boxes).

今回は橋本トランスのH-20-3.5U シングル用トランスを使います。45 用には、3.5K を使いますが、このままで良いでしょう。若しくは4オームに8オームをつなぎますので、これで仮想的には5Kとなります。
選択肢がなくなりました。大変困っております。何とかならないのでしょうか? タンゴの希望の人はかなりおるのは事実です。
rotally switch

Hshimoto Trans 2014

Hashimoto (Sansui)Transormer on Jan 2014

Note : Using Arizona Cap and Vita Q(Audio Factory)for coupling capacitor and filaments diode are Shottky diode see figure

Arizona capacitor

Using Arizona Cap for Coupling

In general 3 stages Amplifier has much gain so not suitable with digital staff like DAC and modern CD player.because they has much gain too. over 2 V pp is not good for use
any valve amplifier.because sensibility is almost around 0.5 V p-p to 1 V p-p( peak to peak) even my amplifiers are 500mV peak to peak.off course much better use with some
pad. I think you can buy local audio shop for PA system and make one easy too.please try to make one.L pad is more simple.please see next ..very useful.
Arizona Capacitor detail each price is USD $ 60 in Japan.not cheap capacitor. shop say Green Cactus 0.47uF 600V. mostly using for Audio Maker "Spec CO" in Japan.
"Type C50309 “ Blue Cactus they said "~
It is the one that was reprinted in 1967 made ​​much-evaluated in balanced sound extremely Among the oil condenser of West Cap,
0.47μF/600VDC, the CPV09. In a two-layer structure of (polyester) Mylar film and kraft paper similar to that of the bygone days of the dielectric,
tone with the deep full-bodied, the thickness of the low-pass, good omission is also a feature of West Cap realized, too,
a new harmless in you can enjoy a sense of well broadband modern by filling oil.

Comments from Owner of Paturro Amplifier.on 20th May 2013 in Chillan Chile

By the time my dac tubes are being ported to the height .
In speaking , if you have not heard the Zu Omen Def (columns). The truth is going very well . But I've told you a really juicy , and that was , that the Druid walk much better. They are more refined sound.
Furthermore , no less a factor. These are sick Zu prettier than JBL l220 he had in the living room and moved my 300b . Which by the way, is sleeping since the new toy arrived.
I still think craft boxes suffer from the serious defect of aesthetics. I know of many, but you are sympathetic and seen (ie ugly sisters ... )
Tubes I'm using a 45 Philco that kindly sent me Kenji . The deal was that I only send 2a3 and 45 did not have and were very expensive in Japan .
I will buy the Emission Labs also that no e had very happy experiences with us . Eg . had the equipment with new 274b and took him to the 5U4G Air Tight (one we NU national Union of the 40s ) . Is pulled low , they were . I returned to the gear oil new friend and I returned . So that goes well with rectifier 300 b .
The Soundstage , OF COURSE . It was a special guest at Sunday hearing. Along the bell , holography is a noteworthy aspect of this bug. The Jacyntha Patricia and sang in front of me . But Diana , I sang to him
Thank you so much ,,your comment of Amplifier. It is a big evaluation than one picture.

次回の機会がありましたら、Green Cactusを使ってみたいと思います。(注 製作時点ではまだ販売されていなかった。)ハーメチック・シールのキャパシターは極性があるとのことを
何が、? このコンデンサー、実際はキャパシターと言いますが、外側が巻終わりですね、ブルーカクタスの場合 カクタスのついている方が巻終わりと言っていますので外側で、メーカの言っている内容は
そうすると、東ーのVitaQの場合はどうなのか? 外側が入力となるのでしょうか? ハーメスチック・シールの場合は巻終わりが、入力となりそうです。ただしカップリングとして使う場合です。

橋本トランスは? 良いトランスであると思います。
十分 XE20Sの交代のモデルになると思います。大きいのと多少重いのが、気になります。
実は勘がくるってしまって、トランスの取り付けが少し曲がってしまいました。この程度は我慢してもらいましょう。バランス型 入力ですがタムラの TK-20を使っています。
45シングルとしての心配:これも全然問題ありませんでした。2.5K で4オームの端子の8オームのスピーカをつなぎ、テストしましたが、十分なほどの45 シングルの音を出しています。
3.5K そのままでも余り変わらない音です。2A3 で3.5K を使う、、、インダクタンスが多い分 低域が良い様な気もします。新型の2A3は、3.5K が良いと言われますが、好みによって切り替えると良いと思います。
ドライバーは 6DJ8,E88CC,6DT8,6N1P など何でも構いません、初段はEF86推奨ですが、EF80,EF83なども使える様です。

Hashimoto H20-3.5U

Just Testing 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier on Apr 2014 Transformer are Hashimoto H20-3.5U


Pad 18dB

18dB L pad 利得がありすぎですのでパッドをつけました

2A3/45 Single by Hashimoto

2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier with Hashimoto H-20-3.5U on 11st Apr 2014 from Japan


Back 2A3SET

3 analog un balance input and 1 balanced input ,speaker out are 4-8-16 OHM




Character is good, 3.5K and 2.5K 20W ,out are 16,8,4 ohms H20-3.5U 3.5K/2.5K


L type Pad 18dB

18 dB 100K impedance Pad ,,easy to build up and very util also you can buy Local Shop

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45 and 71A Fervox Single Ended Amplifier

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