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Introducing 2A3C Single Ended Amplifier by New Drive


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This 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier is using 3 stage of Amplifier.
long time using EF86(triode connection)+ 6CG7/6N1P for drive,this time replaced 12AU7 paralel +6N1P for drive.
almost circuit diagram is showing next.

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier by 3 stage drive schematic diagram

Show 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier with XE-20S
XE20S 2A3 single ended Amplifier

2A3C Single Ended Amplifier by 3 stages

12AU7 drive

more powerfull for 2A3C and 2A3B type of 2A3

Sound is more powerfull to getting now.2A3C getting just like small 300B
sound.2nd driver must be use ECC88/6DJ8 for good sounding.this amplifier for Testing Amplifier for
2A3/45/71A compatible single ended amplifier(Custom Made Kayra Single Ended Amplifier).
B+ is almost 300V and 2A3C ,2A3 Sovtek,2A3 old China can be use and to get good sound.
power is 5 W rms non distortion power at non NFB.
Note: does not get 2A3C and 2A3B by NGG and Shuguang brand any more.only get PSVANE 2A3B
on 21st Jan 2012.but can be use any 2A3 family.

first stage is 12AU7EH, ECC82,ECC802S ,NEC 12AU7 are each other different sound.
each one has good charactor.
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