*   300B Single Ended Amplifier by H20-3.5U
New 300B Amplifier 2017

Name of 300B Amplifier is Cocoliso


this counter started 7th Aug 2016


Western Electric WE300B

image of 300B single ended ampliier SEP 2016

Just image of 300B Single Ended Amplifier with Hashimoto's Transformer on 2016


mounting component

This is 300B Single Ended Amplifier on 6th Nov 2016 mounted

Chassis color is champagne gold but can not see Gold because effect of LED light can not take photo correctly.
Champagne Gold is very beautiful color for one of Amplifier color.

cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier 2016 Sep

All Schematic Diagram for Cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier Aug 2016

Layout 300B New

New 300B Amplifier Cocoliso

right now

cocloliso 300B amplifier Dec 2016

Burn in now play Jazz on 7th Dec 2016、Sound is quite good

Testing 300B Set Dec 2016

sound is very clear good for any kind of Music on 17th Dec 2016

2018 Mar Mr Hugo

Mr Hugo's System on 6th Mar 2018.2 of 300B Single Ended Amp and one of KT88 Single Ended Amp

Cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier Dec 2016

King of Amplifier is 300B Single Ended Amplifier ,many person said,, I guess so

7th Avenue

since 7th Aug 2016 last up date 23rd Mar 2018

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How to build up Amplifier Single Ended Amplifier 2016