*   300B Single Ended Amplifier by H20-3.5U
New 300B Amplifier 2017

Name of 300B Amplifier is Cocoliso


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Western Electric WE300B

image of 300B single ended ampliier SEP 2016

Just image of 300B Single Ended Amplifier with Hashimoto's Transformer on 2016


mounting component

This is 300B Single Ended Amplifier on 6th Nov 2016 mounted

Chassis color is champagne gold but can not see Gold because effect of LED light can not take photo correctly.
Champagne Gold is very beautiful color for one of Amplifier color.

cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier 2016 Sep

All Schematic Diagram for Cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier Aug 2016

Layout 300B New

New 300B Amplifier Cocoliso

right now

cocloliso 300B amplifier Dec 2016

Burn in now play Jazz on 7th Dec 2016、Sound is quite good

Testing 300B Set Dec 2016

sound is very clear good for any kind of Music on 17th Dec 2016

King of Amplifier is 300B Single Ended Amplifier ,many person said,, I guess so

cocoliso 300B Single Ended Amplifier in Chile Dic 2020

It was in January 2019 that I found out that the purchaser reselled it for sale as well. The person who bought first has only 86 dB speaker, probably it seems that there was not enough sound

The owner of the new 300B single that we resold had held Tannoy Monitor Red 15. It seems that it is old, but when he is giving out a wonderful sound, I'm telling the surprise voice on the bulletin board.
from comments forum in chile.owner said.
It made me laugh as an anecdote that Kenji Mizushima is very aware of his amplifiers, since in the page that I placed at the beginning he updated it with my purchase and commented that he had them with the tannoy monitor network, the only thing that on the page he placed a picture of monitor networks that are newer
That gave me laughter and I'm glad you're so aware from so far away, that only shows that you care and esteem your very careful work
Greetings to kenji and thank you very much for your work if you read me!
//// that's all. thank you your comments
personally I m thinking
Sound changes with 5 years and years.
an efficiency of at least 90 dB is required. I think that it is perfect if it is over 96 dB. The good music is strings and piano. If the quartet is good.
I think that knowledge that you know is not suitable for symphony. I like quietly listening to classical music and jazz quietly with a 91 dB speaker.

Tannoy Monitor Red 15

components for amplifier 300B show next

Blue Cactus arizona Cap

Arizona Capacitor oil paper Blue Cactus Arizona Capacitors TX USA location by Google

this capacitor is very high quality capacitor made in USA and to get good low distortion sound for couopling capacitor.

cocoliso v2 2019

cocoliso v 2 on 2019 It is an improved version of the amp that seems to be produced from now.

The power transformer used here is a custom transformer of general transformer / sales stock. The price was 27,600 yen. As you can see from the circuit diagram, it is the specification like the PT-220V.
In PT-220V, the filament voltage is 5V, but in this transformer 5V is only 6.3V x 3A x 3 line with rectifier tube. Kasuga no Trance is a similar price without Ham Proof.
And And, it is quite flexible to become a general trance stock, I think that it is good to be able to make customer-oriented manufacturing. It is a very beautiful power transformer.
PMC - 283HG The official trans name is to say that it is a modification. The revision is for 220V. This transformer European specification power transformer. The possibility that this power transformer can go out to the European market as it is
There is.

Name plate

Name of Amplifier is KANADE 奏

2019 New 300B Kanade

300B Single Ended Amplifier on APR 2019 Name is KANADE

Kanade 2019 June

Kanade 300B on 7th June 2019

Sound getting from NanoPi-Neo Music Server ES9023 DIY DAC on 7th June 2019

cocoliso has new owner in Chicureo Chile by Mr PABLO ANDRES PRADO GARCIA


Mr Pablo Prado's house in Chile


from 2A3 single ended amplifier to 300B single ended modification

Modification from2A3 to 300B

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