*  45 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

this counter started 7th Aug 2020

Only 45 Single Ended Amplifier

45 Single Ended Amplifier

This is only image but I will make for you can use only as 45 Single Ended Amplifier. USD $ 2200 dollars
Rectifier is 5U4 and valeve is 45 used valve,45 Valuve nos not include.you must by Ebay etc.new one does not get any place.
new one is almost NOS so may be cost about USD $ 350 dollars in Japan.even you can use KR 45 but same power as 1.6 W rms.
please ask to me by text for order. shipping cost is almost $ 200 .total cost is $ 2400 dollars .without Valves.
if would like to use ISO Transformer FC-20S Amplifier price is USD $ 2650 dollars.this amplifier does not include any valves.

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Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

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