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This counter started 23rd Feb 2013

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This time built up one of diffrential line amplifier and this type amplifier is Mr Kimura
designed basically past years.recently many digital equiped player are high out put like a
2-5V pp out put.so very difficult to use old type valve pre amplifier.because
bunch of pre amplifier has too much gain so very difficult to drive to
power amplifier.this line amplifier has only few dB gain.
and put out 2-3 dB Bass boost and less than 6dB of high cut simple filter.
I do'nt think need high cut filter. but some odd old person said need high cut filter.

sado line amplifier

back view

Schematic diagram in next.6AQ8/6DT7 are very clear sound to get and you can use
6N1P too. PS Thank you Mr Perque your smart idea.

Line Differential Amplifier

Line Amplifier

Line Amplifier

Line Amplifier 3line input,Bass boost, hifre cut

I am make a plan ,adding NON OverSampling DAC

I got 6 of PCM56.each channel 3 parallel conected.6 DAC using.
and much better more than 5 DAC palallel better for use and getting good
so I would like to add Non Over Sampling DAC into
this Line Amplifier .will be come soon.25th Oct 2009
built up non over sampling DAC with old PD0052 DAI, and Tested sound very
pretty good sound.later I will replace CS8416 DAI instead PD0052.and I will
add digital filter for over sampling.


still using pre with DAC

Non Over sampling DAC

Non Over Sampling DAC into Pre-Amp

with DAC

Diff Pre and DAC NOS 24bit

DAC 24bit 198Khz with Diff Pre Amplifier on 12nd Feb 2013


Perque Type differential Pre + DAC / USB/SPDIF /Analog 3 input line

my site

for smartphone

All Schematic diagram shown above very simple circuit and to get sound very clear

Sound is very clear and get good bass sound even does not use Boost up circuit.end of plate resistor voltags keep
200V . and 2-3 of 2SK30 makes around 8mA constant plate current. feel like very low distortion sound from Differential
pre line and FN1242A Fluency DAC (24Bit till 198 KHz sampling frequency),just tested from my D-06 DAT Pioneer DAT Player
98Khz sampling frequency.I tested good result from 98 Khz sound. how about ?

Thanks Mr Per Que.

This RIAA first stage is modificated by Mr Victor Serrano in Germany


with balaced input

Testing DAC

Sound is great from Differential Pre with DAC(FN1242A Fluency),this one has 3 line of input.SPDIF,USB and Analog Stereo.
USB is 16 Bit and SPDIF is 24 bit ,can read low to high sampling rate until 198Khz.
use for 220V AC .


icewm and mpd

mpd 23.10 Nanopi-Neo2 Music Server and Icewm on 5th Nov 2022

FN1242A Fluency DAC with Differential Pre AmpliferHere

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