Circuit diagram is next.originally use 2SC1775 transistor.this one use 2SK30AR FET
I think you can get easy any where in your local.and you can use some penthode instead
FET.very carefully adjust VR to Point +40 volts at 6BM8 penthode cathode.if does not get
please turn off main switch rapidly.

  Made in Chile 2002 Santiago Chile  all transformer are Bozzo

STC Amplifier 2002

STC V1 kamijo modificated Lagarto
STC V1 Type Kamijo and modificated by Lagarto on early 2002 for any where you can build up these kind of an amplifier

Original site of Kamijoabout ECL82 single ended Amplifier


Explane of STC Amplifierfrom Australia

Mr Suzuki's 46 STC Amplifier

Mr Suzuki's 811A STC Amplifier

Kanto plane (Area of Tokyo) Auido Builder Meetings
>Just Let'me introduce you Japanese Amplifier builder meeting at Kanto Area please make click next line KANTO SANDOKAIAudio Builder Meetings translated by Google, Please see!!

como armar un amplificador a tubos detalleconnection of south american audiophilers.

Few person chilenos copied this circuit and built up this amplifier from here.
STC ECL82 Strong NFB Single Ended Amplifier on 2002 from Santiago Chile ,UP date 5th Oct 2020 in Japan
                                                                        Lagarto Amplifier