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Fully Differential Push Pull Amplifier D.I.Y and Detail


What is Fully Differential Push Pull Amplifier ?
each stage of amplifier is cathode commun and conected limited current circuit.just like
some diffential OP Amplifier IC inside.
Full.Differential.Push Pull Amplifier has some sounding charactor of Single Ended Amplifier.
many person knows about single ended amplifier is good listen for Music.one thing miner thing is
does not get good bass and distortion range is not better than push pull amplifier.
if would like to get good sound necesary to use big good qualitiy of audio transformer.
Diff Push Pull but sounding is very similar sound with single ended amplifier.
many good mayor thing are does not need good audio transformer,no nesesary good power supply.
S/N(dinamic range) is better than single ended amplifier when use Differential Push Pull.also got
good separation with Right and Left channel. sound is just like single ended triodo.
minor things are :
does not get enough of high power. not easy to build up amplifier.consumption power is more
than Single Ended Amplifier.
Introducing Full Differential Push Pull Amplifier my links

I did built up around 10's Full Diiferential Ampliers last 5 years.sound very nice.
charactor is just same kind of sound with Single Ended Amplifier.

EL86 mini Full Differential Push Pull AmplifierD.I.Y

PCL86 Fully Differential Push Pull AmplifierD.I.Y

5687 Fully Differential Push Pull Head-Phone AmplifierD.I.Y

ECL82 Full Differential Push Pull Head-Phone AmplifierD.I.Y

6DT8 Differntial Pre Amplifier+PCM56 DAC D.I.Y

how to make limited current diode for diffential amplifier

Appendx: Easy to made one limited diode for differential amplifier

some where in my amplifier using limited current diode.I think difficult to get
out of Japan and country side.1mA to 5mA current limitter can use 2SK30(Rank) FET
depend on rank of FET insted limited current diode. J-FET has original current like
some mA.2SK30 is around 1mA to 5mA depend on Rank of 2SK30.safix is Rank.and easy to
make one limited current diode with one of resistanse within 1K ohm.
please see next figure can help you when do you would like to make one.

how to make limmited current diode

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