This is introdusing Chinese single plate (mono plate) 2A3 and Single Ended Amplifier

                                  2A3 and 300B Cetron

Left side is new 2A3 chinese single plate and Right side is Cetron 300B ,Cetron 300B
          is just same size of original western 2A3 is a little bit bigger than 300B.
          and top of inside are inslated 2 of spacer of mica.charactor are same of 2A3 RCA so
          Vf = 2.5V Af= 2.5A plate voltage are 250V and 15 W plate disspation .max power is 3.5W

          as you know 2A3-40 JJ . but 2A3-40 JJ is not same charactor of 2A3 original.just like
          300B but filamnt voltage are 2.5 V 2.5A .very few factory are produsing 2A3-40 JJ
          use Amplifier but plate voltage are too much high than 2A3 normal plate voltage.

          this type 2A3 chinese are only avairable in Japan .by Classic Components KK Japan.
          and call it's [Classic 2A3 single plate] .
          and I guess to get some where in China.and USA as a 2A3C and 2A3B By Shuguang( under Super TNT)

                                 2A3 Single ended Amplifier

     and circuit daiagram is here show you

This 2A3 Single Amplifier is non NFB .power are reach to around 5W rms.
          this 2A3 is a little bit bigger than EH 2A3 , I don't know exactly how is charactor of 2A3 Single
          Plate Chinese. but what meanning just put on into 2A3 SE Amplifier . sound are very much different
          with EH 2A3 and 2A3 a 300B sound but much more clear of high frequency range.powerfull
          and feel like old europian tubes use a PX 4, E406N .how about it's.

Japanese Ver here
New Chinese single plate 2A3 14 th July 2005


IC Pre good for 2A3 SE Amplifier

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