This is only link for how to build up one of Audio Transformer

Komiya 71A Single Ended Amplifier with Hand Made Audio Transformer

These web site are only Japanese for how to build up Audio Transformer.

Note: How to mesure impedance for transformer
(1) primary connected 50V AC
(2) and the 2dary connected 8 ohm resistanse 10W
then connected AC volts meter at 8 ohm much did you get ?
if did you get 2 V AC .ratio of wound is N1/N2= 50/2 so 25:1 at 8hom
then N = N1/N2 N x N X R = Zo impedanse = 25 x 25 x 8 = 5K ohm Transformer
ja ja easy to know how much impedanse to get unknown Transformer.but at 50Hz
on AC.probably 1Khz 10Khz are different value will be get.
and primary impedance is depend on load resitance. if do you connect some 10
ohm resistace to out put line and do you get more value than before.

How to make Trans

Arito Maekawa's Homepage

I think much powerful help to build up Transformer, but wrote by Japanese too.

how to works valve amplifierfrom Philips Books by Spanishunder PDF file

Good Luck to build up Audio transformer.

you can use power supply transformer instead audio transformer

Power Trans Test instead Audio Transformer.

some one said "you can use transformer 110V / 6.3 V 3A for Audio
Transfomer instead normal Audio Transformer.

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