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Se puede obtener gran Grave de Sonido.los Japonese uso este tipo de sistema de los parlantes de las cajas.
 Se llama(We Call it's)Back Lord Horn

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please see some one made it horn in world
D.I.Y in world

Speaker Box mesure Software for Windows
from Speaker Workshop
Some FFT /function generator software for PC.FFT/Function softwareand Java applicstion for Desaign Speakeron line.

up date 29th July 2007 for Nagaoka Speaker

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Fostex DBR

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Solamente poco de Link para Back Load Horn Speaker(Parlantes)

  By John  Hangensiker
          By Jww

  By  Audio Heritage

  By The Bona's

  By  Hanbei

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 By  Katsura(very nice site for speaker)

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 Next are Prof. Nagaoka 's Speaker system  

By N Kansai

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 By Bachagi.h Japan Program for BOX

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Sonus Faber Amati D.I.Y from USA

commercial site

Nagaoka Back load horn by Mr Kaneko

Nagaoka Type Back load Horn explane how to function

Hasegawa kogyo Back load horn

Koizumi musen Speaker shop Tokyo


Kyoumeikan Speakersee by Google  
TQWT by VICDIY by Google Translate

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Better than Back load horn is Nagaoka Super Swan

Kaneko Speaker BOX Kaneko Nagaoka Super Swan

Via Japanese to English by Google Translate

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