C Moy AmplifierHis site isHere.
His Name is Chu Moy I guess Chinese H

DC/DC converter made by earter electronics in Japan.just small PCB mount converter.Model NR is
OEJ22WC0512 {[ 12V OUT PUT and moved from 4.5V to 16V DC.Can be use 006P 9V
battery and external small AC Adapter from 4.5 to 16V 200mA.DC/DC converter is
very small staff but effect made up great.some one said 10 time more power and
dinamic range very depth, easy to drive HD 650 SENNHEISER 300ohm Hi End
Type Head phone.

DC/DC con

Eater Electronics ishereto see.

you can use 2 way power supply and 2 way input.
small chassis is Takachi Japan model MXA3-11-11S very sexy modern aluminum box.

often you can use any OP Amp IC such as LM4562,4580, 2068DD,LME49720 etc.
very clear and powerfull sound get from LM4562 and sound seems a 2A3 Triode Single Amplifier.
all IC you can get fromhere

Japanese Nihongo version is here to Drive
How about valuve Head Phone Amplifier D.I.Y

from 20th Sep 2008
@ Lagarto san a part of 6550 Single Ended