El primer amplificador a tubos en chile

1st Hi End Audio Made in Chile

1st Hi End Audio Made in Chile
This valve amplifier is 1st one of valve type amplifier early 2002 built up by Japanese used lived in Chile.
but this amplifier has 4 transformer made in Chile under some copy of Japanese transformer.
almost replacement parts ware get in santiago down town.and very powerful sound got as
many chilean people knows about this amplifier was good .they say just like "la crema de la crema".
EL 34(EH)russian tubes are inported from Japan  and  some  tubes are I got from in santiago down town too.best valve amplifier these epoc.and only has some 7W rms power. Mizushima Amplifier

All Transformer are Made in Chile
Transformador Bozzo Santigo Chile.only 1st one
EL34 is
Transformador Bitgh Santiago Chile.

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