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Para feed 300B Single Ended Amplifier DIY

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Start 8th Feb 2022

Parafeed 300B Single Ended Amplifier just plan from 2nd Nov 2019

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ParaFeed 300B Single Ended Amplifier DIY

I will modify the 300B single amplifier that we currently have to make it a para-feed single amplifier.
The idea is that he will be on November 2, 2019, currently in 2022, but has been suspended due to the Corona turmoil.
I am making corrections to the circuit one after another.
毎日、BLTをグリーシー・スプーンと言う会社の近くのレストランで毎日 食べたのがこのBLTでした。トーストした食パンにBLTが入っていたのです。数年毎日これが私の昼食でした。
その頃の仕事場の友人は皆さんハム Radioでした。K4IFG ミラーさんそして、WB4EGEのデビッドさん、皆さんリタイアーしていますがフロリダで健在です。

There is a caveat:
The author of TubeCad commented on BLT.
I worked for an import trading company in North Florida about 50 years ago, and it was a Jewish-owned multinational company with thousands of people.
At that time, the oriental youth had a hard time having lunch every day.
It was this BLT that I ate every day at a restaurant near a company called Gleecy Spoon. BLT was in the toasted bread. This was my lunch every day for several years.
The crispy bacon went on to eat, but I got tired of it. I have never experienced a delicious BLT. I still remember how hard it was to eat in the USA.
It is said in Tubecad that it may not be as effective as expected in the case of a direct heat triode with low plate resistance. It's likely to be a poor amp.
I think it's less powerful than I expected.
I'm introducing an amplifier made by a foreign experimenter on youtube, but I'm introducing an amplifier that doesn't show the features of Parafeed at all.
The low range is not so good and the high range is not so extended. Also, above all, you will notice that the output is less than that of the 300B single amplifier, which is generally said. I think it will fail.
It is said that the effect is superior to the pentode with high plate resistance,
so it can be assumed that it will be a good amplifier for vacuum tubes with high plate resistance such as EL84.
The crispy bacon went on to eat, but I got tired of it. I have never experienced a delicious BLT. I still remember how hard it was to eat in the USA.
At that time, all my friends at work were Ham Radio. K4IFG Miller and David from WB4EGE, everyone is retiring but still alive in Florida.
By the way, my callsign was WB4ACI. This callsign was also used in Chile, South America, which had been around for nearly five years.

I used it as WB4ACI/CE3.
参考:Ref Prafeed Amplifier

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