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KT120 SE

KT120 Single Ended Amplifier 2011

His comments:
I have recently finished building this same amp using the new tung-sol kt-120 tube, in a triode configuration.
(using the 6dj8 tube). The KT-120 tube is very clear with the 6dj8 tube,
very transparent and clear sound. I used 412 vdc B+ with the KT-120, cathode resistor is 430ohm,
(100ma/33vdc). People say i can bias even more to 120-130ma, but i like the clear sound at 100ma.
The KT-120 is a very fine sounding audio tube, far better than the KT-90/KT-100 tubes.


Mr jim strasser's System

his guitar amplifier

Guitar Amplifier for the guitarist


Mail is
Sigma 208 by Fostex

Sigma 208 Fostex by Jim

Main Speaker System by Jim

circuit diagram isfrom herefor KT120SE

Today on morning( 27th Nov 2013) ,I got mail from him ..just he said fine ,snowy and chilly like 7degree F too much cold !!!! . he said ,,,more few amplifiers built up again
but DHT amplifiers.
any way he loves KT88 single ended sound. I love 300B but very difficult get good sound from these kind ob valves.other way 2A3 is very similar tube but
sound quality is a little bit different with 300B. I think he loves 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier now. but he said "not enough still not get satisfaction...."
let me show you he made 2 of amplifier 2A3 single ended amplifier . he tried make more amplifier good.

Tomiko Transformer using 2A3 SET

Tomiko Transformer using his DHT 2A3 SE Amplifier

James transformer 2A3 SET

then with James Transformer

more his comments:
the 2a3 tube is the best sounding tube I have heard. It seems to do everything very well. This amp has become my favorite amp. I recently built another 2a3 amp, it too has very good sound quality. For the past three years, these two 2a3 amplifiers have been my favorites. They are slightly different, one uses Japanese Tomiko opts, which are very inexpensive opts, however they have wonderful sound quality. My second 2a3 amp uses James 6123HS opts, and this amp is also very fine sounding. After listening to them, I find it very hard to listen to other tube amps , as the 2a3 tube has a very fine sound quality, and is very natural sounding. I have used these two amplifiers now for the past three years. I have been thinking about building another amp, however this fall I decided to do something else. Instead of building another amp, I want to upgrade the opt's in these two 2a3 amplifiers. In January, I will start by replacing the inexpensive Tomiko opts in my first 2a3 amp, with small Hashimoto H203S opts. Once I accomplish this, I will replace the James 6123HS opts with Hashimoto H20 3.5U opts in my second 2a3 amp. I am very sure both of these new opt's will be a large improvement to both amps. I wish I would have bought a pair of the XE20S Tangos, as now they are not available. But now after comparing the XE20S with the Hashimoto H20 3.5U, they appear to be very similar, in build and specification. So upgrading my opts will be my amplifier project for next year. have you ever used the EML mesh-grid 274b rectifier tube? I have heard one of these rectifier tubes in an amp earlier this year, this mesh-grid rectifier tube really give the amplifier a very large and open sound quality. I think I will start saving up some money to buy one the these rectifier tubes.
\\\Thank you good comments ,, Jim ..

And his Analog System( Turn Table )

Turn Table

Maniac turn table

Full Range

Full Range Speaker System full range

his system left      right

Ask him yesterday(25th Mar 2017)..how are you doing now ? later sent some photos ,then show here

new system on 2017

his system on 2017

Open basref

Open Basref

with Horn his system


Horn Speaker

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier with Hashimoto

probably Main Amplifier

45 Single Ended amplifier

45 Single Ended Amplifier ...he is using only Triode SET now ?

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