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USD $ 2800 dollars HO808 Hatt Audio Transformer


this counter started 2015 MAY

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This counter started 29er Apr 2019


JPN Y 324000 Yen using HO-808 Hatt Audio Lab Transformer

FC20 300B

FC 20S ISO Transformer using 300B Single Ended Amplifier JPN 367,200 Yen

Takumu Type

HC-20-3.5U Hashimoto using 300B Single Ended Amplifier JPN 367,200 Yen

2A3/45 SET

FC-12S ISO Transformer 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier JPN 291,600 Yen

cocoliso Type

HC-20-3.5U using 300B Single Ended Amplifier-Type cocoliso JPN 367,200 Yen

45/300B SET

45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier FC-20S ISO Transformer JPN 388,800 Yen .valve 45 not include

JPN 367200 Yen means USD $ 3500 dollars rate of 9er Aug 2019 so My product is almost
Japanese Yen Value is going down recently so going up price of Amplifier alway s Price divided Dollars Rate = USD by YEN
so my product is almost USD $ 3600 rate 10th Aug 2019. is 300B Single Ended Amplifier.
I am doing build up low cost Single Ended Amplifier so please ask price and any question.USD $is not stable so indicated by YEN.

These product are Made in Japan

If would like to know more info

latist up date 25th Nov 2021
Hand Made Amplifier Located Sakura Chiba Japan

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