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2A3/45 European version Single Ended Amplifier 2023


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2A3 / 45 single ended amplifier

Bohemia version Europian for 230V version USD $ 4200 dollars

this amplifier are european version is use in Spain . Amplifier they are would like to use 2A3 and 45 single ended amplifier.and 71A.
offcourse use high efficiency speaker sysrtem 8 ohms and over 97dB/m/w speaker and horn at home

FC-20S   FC20S

famous valve amplifier use FC20S is same as XE20S Tango.very good quality for valve amplifier for audio

貴方もご存知のXE20Sとして有名なオーディオ用トランスですISO Tokyo Japanから販売されている優秀なトランスです


2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier Europian version on 2023

USA Version

this is USA Version 2A3/45/71A Single Ended Amplifier on 2023

This Amplifier can be use 2A3 45 71A and 300B but 300B is low voltage use so will be get power of just like 2A3 .actually this amplifier for 2A3/45/71A valves.

The power transformer is basically a PMC-170, but the input is 230V 50Hz and the filament voltage is set to 5A so that it can withstand 2A3 2.5A. It will be 4V 5A instead of 6.3V.
I changed from 3A to 5A because the heat around the transformer would be great at 3A. What happens when you use 3A? Rare short may occur. Bohemia has a heat sink, but in the summer, attach a fan around the transformer.
I asked for it, but the owner said he didn't care so much. I think it's a national difference. I will continue to use the LT number 2.5V 3A regulator. It sounds pretty quiet.
In addition, I have made many 2A3 single amps, but most of them are for South American customers, so the single amps I made are 230V or 220V specifications.
95 dB with the combination of ISO transformers that are now a hot topic in this world
Listening to music on more than one speaker. ISO transformers used to be
The ideas of Mr. Otaki and Mr. Suzuki, who were famous as Tango trance, are still alive. Mr. Otaki and Mr. Suzuki are former Tango engineers.
Introducing the Mizushima Single ended amplifier. Although it is an experimental amplifier, Mizushima made it wholeheartedly.
The price is the same as usual.
This includes the EMS fee. 2A3/45 single ended amplifier price is USD $ 4200 /please ask price would you before order.
I am using special order of new power trannsformer used be use 6.3V 3A for 2A3.but this case made high temprature sarface of power transformer
not so good for power transformer condition keep going on.so this time re designed power consumer is slightly higer. 2 of 6.3V are change to 5V x 5A
general transformer sales said would be good ,no heat up problem of sarface of transformer.this transformer are 2 type 230V and 120V use.choose when ordered.

電源トランスは基本的にはPMC-170ですが、入力は230V 50Hzになっている他 2A3 2.5A に耐えられる様にフィラメント電圧を5Aにします。6.3Vではなく5V 5Aになります。
これは急遽 71Aも追加してくれとのことで4.5Vでも構わないと思いましたが5Vにしました。この巻線で2.5Vと5Vを作ります。
下さいと言いましたが、オーナーさんはそれほど気にしないと言っていました。国民性の違いと思います。これからもLT1674 2.5 ナンバーの2.5V 3Aのレギュレーターを使います。かなり静かな音になります。
2A3/45 シングルを見ると71Aや300Bも追加してきますが、頭の中にお金もかかるとか高いアンプとなる事が理解出来てない為に値段を言うと驚きます、そして破断となります。
These kind of amplifier can not use 4 ohm speaker may be 4 ohms speaker can be use for 2A3 but 45 does not work any way 4 ohm spearker must be throw away Garbage


4P1L Single Ended Amplifier only 3.0W in Europa 2023


Atacama 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier on 2012 Chile

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