*  4P1L Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y No2

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ISO Tang FC-12S

Fc-12S    FC-12S

this amplifier using FC-12S ISO Tokyo Japan

3rd party transformer are increasing price for covid 19 so this time using ISO Tokyo Japan's famous transformer for audio FC-12S very good quality.


Filament Voltage: 2.1/4.2 volts @ 650mA/325mA respectively
Recommended anode voltage: 200V with 150V on the screen
Maximum operating voltage 250V anode or screen.
Maximum cathode current: 50mA
Anode dissipation: 7.5W
Screen dissipation: 1.5W

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Since 4P1L SE Amplifier circuit on 19th May 2014 Sakura Chiba Japan

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