Install Linux into your old PC
*  Install Linux into your old PC

For some one do you have old PC at coner of room with dust then install into PC

your OS is

indicated X11 and U,Linux,BSD means BSD/Linux/Unix family OS
smartphone are Linux or BSD(UNIX)


This counter staretd 17th Dic 2020

Install Linux into your old PC

install the Linux OS ISO file on this 16GB USB memory stick. Insert the ISO file into the USB port of your old PC, press F2 to set the BIOS to boot from the USB memory stick, and reboot your PC to boot from the USB memory stick, so you can use Linux from here as a demo.
After that, you will see an icon called INSTALL in the menu, click it to start the installation. It is interactive, so please read what your PC is saying carefully before installing. Anyone can do it.
Your old PC with XP or Windows 7 will be transformed into a brand new LINUX PC.

Ubuntu and Mint are recommended, but Fedora and Slackware are also available. In order to make it easier to use, Ubuntu, Mint Kubutu, Luvuntu, and many other Linuxes are Debian-based. Then there is RedHat and Slackware.
Ubuntu and Mint are recommended, but Fedora and Slackware are also available. In order to make it easier to use, Ubuntu, Mint Kubutu, Luvuntu, and many other Linuxes are Debian-based. And then there's RedHat and Slackware.
Now you can use it as a brand new computer. Linux comes with a compiler installed, C C++ GCC Fortran and other computer languages.
How do I install the application? It can be installed from the command line by opening a terminal from a Linux PC with binaries secured on an FTP server, or through a GUI with a dedicated installation script.
There are many ways to install, such as downloading the source application, compiling it and installing it, or using the GIT server to install the source. Some use of the C language, some use of the PC language, and some use of the
You will need to know some C, PC language, and Luinux commands, but it is not that difficult.
As you know, PCs are available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Most PCs are 32-bit, but 64-bit versions are becoming more and more common. The problem with the 32 bit version is that it may stop working sooner or later. And then
he current trend is to stop developing applications for 32-bit PCs.

After all, it is the year 2038 that is hiding the problem.

If your PC has windows 7 or XP ,windows 10 easy to install Linux into your old PC. PC has 32 bit and 64 bit. any Linux can install your PC
easy to use Mint Linux is good for novice because design for novice and using Ubuntu Linux Basically . Mint Linux is one of branch of Ubuntu Linux of originally Debian Linux.
we have Linux as distrobition each Linux kernel is almost design by Mr Linus T he invented when he was young. he was 17 years old . around 1990 . Linux using a lot of things right now
many PC and control of electronics equipment ,airplane, cargo ship .train etc of control of traffic etc. even you DVD recorder by Sony. many many equipment using Linux more than windows.

Mint Linux mint

Ubuntu ubuntu

Ubuntu JapaneseUbuntu

what's need ? have to down load if your PC is 32 bit .Mint Linux 32 bit version and if 64bit need 64 bit version of Linux ISO file of Linux.
1) PC old 32bit or 64 bit PC (used be use windows XP or windows 7) Laptop PC or Desk top PC
2) Echer application to get application Down load Etcher application for make linux images

then install Echer application into Main PC for make USB mamory image files for Linux .very carefully to use this application for make image files for Linux.
because is wrong way to use your main PC make broke . so need carefully to use make image file of Linux.

3) USB Memory 16 G Byte
then you have to down load profer Linux of Mint Linux of any type of mint linux Mate ,Xfce , Cinnamon which do you like much better use Mint Mate very much common to use face look like windows.
and down load etcher application for make image USB memory. USB burn up as Linux Images for start Linux first step. not difficult to use .then you have to change boot for PC by BIOS.
before install Linux , have to make image disk USB for start Linux. then use BIOS change boot from USB memory then start linux demo and Linux installing. on your PC

Many person (Novice)does understand what's terminal .we are use make to write command on command line on terminal you can find terminal where system then find terminal. terminal name is
sometime different mate-terminal ,gnome-terminal lxterminal etc. and Linux letter does not have capital letter so only use small letter. as command to where is terminal
Ubuntu is not for novice .even Mate. Raspbian , Mint linux are same as Ubuntu .But Ubuntu is not original OS original OS is Debian so first need to use any Linux is need to make
YOU MUST BE USE and make next command

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

then you can use first time turn on Linux PC ,any Linux, application install by hand by command on terminal. sometime use compile source then make make install application ,,this is Linux.
this is not windows MUST BE USE terminal first with command line.>I've seen many beginners who don't do this and end up failing to use Linux.
This is a tendency seen in many people(Many Linux User)

Mate terminal

you can find where is terminal

using Terminal may be use mate-terminal any terminal then enter
1) $ sudo apt-get update
2) $ sudo apt-get upgrade

doing upgrade library like dll of Linux then can use to start Linux then install many application by comand line.
if would like to install gimp
3) $ sudo apt-get install gimp ///this app is same lile paintshop
4) $ sudo apt-get install cantata


Cantata mpd client for show music server application

Please install by command line next binary (command ) asunder gimp wine audacious grip k3b brasero soundconverter and if would like to use other type of desktop you can use
$ sudo apt-get install

install the other window maneger on your Ubuntu Linux
Desk top show



Audacious just like foorbar2000 can play DSF file


mixxx can do edited sound files


Ubuntu and Mint Linux are just same kind not different each other .so never use install command line never change form of Linux
If did you install Ubuntu you can use change same face of Mint Linux even Kalilinux all of same Debian Linux. no different each other.
 Linux(Free BSD) are we call it's PC UNIX , all of same Linux different name of Linux .of Debian Linux is original. and have many
window manger like lxde , icewm , kde , mate , lxqt and many many more than 1000 different window manger we have .Icewm manger has
more than 100 themes and very light window manger so very light and very fast .even using lxde and lxqt are very fast window manger for Linux.
Please try to use LXQT .


Lxqt by my Linux

Linux is depend on distribution but all of Linux is same arquitecture please see next

how to show linux windows. windows are very much similar of windows 10 etc. some time same as MAC OS. actually Linux does not have correct window (face)
originally Linux does not have window like only use command line terminal. for use easy show by "window manager" window manager are Gnome . KDE etc.
Ubuntu is in general using Gnome desktop but Gnome desktop is a little bit heavy for old PC. so we use light weight window manager for show linux
ICEWM , FLWM ,Blackwm ,LXDE , LXQT , KDE, Mate, and many window manager we have. which is good I do not know most light window manager is ICEWM I knew
so I am using long time ICEWM windows manager for my PC just like image of windows 95 .but a little bit different with any window manager of windows.
I recommend to use LxQt or Lxde . there are just same as ICEWM but much more easy to manupilate PC. and show very smart.

install the other window maneger on your Ubuntu Linux

this is LXQT window manager for Linux .just like windows 10 but linux

this is ICEWM + cairo show mac OS desk top

you can use any kind of window manager you comfort use in general.if would like to use lxqt and lxde please install mate desktop first then install Lxqt .
for Audio need to install next command please see it's.
if would like to install Zoom

Zoom install

please access zoom site and get Zoom application for you linux PC .each Linux is different archive for Zoom.
Audio phile binary name application is asunder k3b tootem audacity guayadeque soundconverter brasero avidemux mixxx cantata trocs exaile gxine qmmp smtube qjackctl
xfburn gparted recordmydesktop amarok clementine muine quadlibet songbird cmus deadbeef juk moc xmms tomahawk sox ffmpeg mpg123 lame xwax hydrogen
lmms ardour qtractor reaper rosegarden muse renoise seq24 nas
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------command list

$ sudo apt-get install audacious
$ sudo apt-get install amarok
$ sudo apt-get install tootem
$ sudo apt-get install mixxx
$ sudo apt-get install correct-command avove show

soft ware for sound linux

How to use Volumio2 Music Server

since 30th Nov 2020 Install Linux into your old 32bit PC last update 17th Dec 2020

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