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*  How to build up SSB Bander for 15m/40m
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grid locator JH1DAS

Grid Locator for JH1DAS

This part is only introduce about Radio,Ham,communicaion etc

for CW Ham operating on 2012

FT 450D for Ham Raido in Japan

Small Single Ended SSB transieber for 40M band

SSB Bander D.I.Y just circuit diagram only 8W pep W

Ham and Audio on 2012

Ham and Audio

Just start again Ham Radio oparator as JH1DAS ,I do not hold this license so necesary to
send form to minstory of radio telecommunication in Japan as Call Sign is JH1DAS.
I hold 1st class Ham Radio license in Japan.ex JH1DAS and ex WB4ACI, WB4ACI/CE3 long time
ago where in Chile.ex member of CE3AA Radio Club of Chile(1981-1985).
on 10th July I got JH1DAS call sign again.
You can see green keyer(Biproprex bug key) is, 37 years ago David(WB4EGE Extra Class) gave me when
I had been in Jacksonville Fla as I was WB4ACI.still bug key is good condition.
thank you David.

Gear: FT-450D and ATAS-120A (Screw Driver Antenna 15m high of window)
Vibroplex Bug Key and Bencher manupilator.
still going on JH1DAS by CW

Still going on CW de JH1DAS

link for Ham Radio builderfrom K3UH




You can watch TV and Cine for Free

WEBSDR Introduce

WEBSDR very famous for watch by PC for Ham、even your Smartphone has JAVA can works and many country made up these kind of Site.
WEBSDR ORG <-----please access WEBSDR site.



Just show picture watching Ham Radio by Any PC

very much util site for knows about ham and can watch any where in your country .if your ham station is strong like KW ,you can hear from PC
because this is real time .even if do you have Smartphone like Android you can use by GLSDR can watch Ham Radio .

Watch Ham

GDSL by Android Cellerphone with fladance mp4 player

These Site are real RX for Ham Band world wide ,just try !!!!to watch and please see Japanese versionmore
informations. '73 de JH1 DAS from Sakura Chiba Japan

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