*  E34L JJ Mini Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y
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Real Audiophile no use Push Pull Amplifier

E34L Single Ended Triode connection Amplifier


EL34(E34L JJ) Mini Triode Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

this time I will brew one,one of EL34 single ended amplifier
and using Cathod Chorke drive and triode modo E34L/EL34.
probably will be get some 3 W rms power.all audio transformer are
budget type transformer with EI core.this amplifier can be use EL34,6L6GC and
KT88 but mainly for EL34(E34L JJ).I got 5W rms at triode mode. but I have to use
grade up Transformer.(like Tango's better.)response is 10hz to 30Khz -3dB.High End
Sound but replace grade up transformer best.
same type of amplifier I made it couple years ago with KT88 single ended amplifier.
I have a good story,Cathode Chork drive single ended amplifier can move ProAc 110
cone easy. what do you think ? probably output power is few W rms.link is next
DVD Classic Chile
KT88 Single Ended small watter with ProAc 110.please see it's.

Note: 6LB8 for Driver is best than 6U8.even can be use ECF80,E80CF too.


schematic diagram JJ E34L(Red tube) Single Ended Amplifier

JJ E34L SE amp

Cathode Chork Drive E34L Single Ended Amplifier schematic diagram

UL resistance

UL with valve buffer

UL connection by resistance if would like to use UL witout SG tap


4days later of inside,almost used parts.some of capacitor are new

Version Japanese

using small POT alps .this POT has good response than big alps POT.
gang error and frequency response are good and very cheap.

E34L JJ Single Ended Amplifier up date on 20th Nov 2010
E34L JJ Single Ended Amplifier

Driver is using 6LB8 Panasonic(Matsushita).6LB8 Matsushita is same of E80CF of
europian valves.this amplifier made good sounding.Does not feel like penthode single
Amplifier.very similar sound of direct heating valves sound.very clear and good bass.

E34L Single Ended Amplifier 2010 Nov

Schematic Diagram E34L/EL34 Single Ended Amplifier

Note:EL34 single ended amplifier will be get 10W rms by good condition of
power supply and good Audio Out Put Transformer.but normaly will be get 8W rms
by penthode connection.off course UL and Triode mode is better than penthode.
many Penthode EL34 Single Ended Amplifier getting around 6.5 W Max is normal.

Cathode-Drive Amp for Single Ended Amplifier on 2008

The people who made the amplifiers I madeĦĦLet's celebrate the brave amp builders!

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Frequently, the boy was saying that my level of English was low. and he did. At the age of 22 I moved to the USA and worked for a Jewish company for 3 years repairing amplifiers.
I moved to America at the age of 22 and worked for a Jewish company for 3 years repairing amplifiers. That is my biggest regret. I'm an old amp maker, over 70 years old. I will continue to make amplifiers, despite my poverty.
I can also speak Spanish, having lived in South America for nearly seven years, four as an expatriate for Pioneer. For the next three years I worked for the Motrola distributor in that country,
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