RCA 45 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

with small OPT-5S transformer

with medium OPT-10S transformer

how is 45 Single Ended Anplifier
circuit diagram for 45 SE made up more bass than small one
and sound is better than 300B SE,Over all NFB resistanse is
choese 1.5K but necesaly to adjust depend on good DF. this time
2.6K ohm for my speaker system.circuit diagram is typical 91A type.
frequnecy response are very narrow from 20Hz to 30Khz within + -
3dB but I felt very wide range.couple a week I did use digital
amplifier of Tripath but I thought 45 SE is feel like much more natural.

this RCA 45 was built up on 1990

still working some where in chile and Transformer are all Tango
Transformer.sound is better than OPT-10S Toei.H-5S( bobin is wound bifara capabilty is 10W).

*Digital Small 30W Stereo Amplifier sound like RCA 45 but RCA 45 is king
TriPath TA2020-020 one chip Amplifier

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