Mini 800g 20W + 20W Power Digital Amplifier

Some day in tokyo I got Tripath Digital Amplifier IC with card and
I built one up Digital Amplifier . sound like RCA 45 Single Ended Amplifier
and this IC was sold out now from Tripath.
sound is just a like RCA 45 but more than 20W rms for 4 ohm speaker.sound is very clear,
like a direct heating triode valvus. and more than 5 hours use IC does not get
heat up , very cold.but still getting more than 10W rms at 4 ohm.TA2020-020 is not averable
now from Tripath but we can get from TI , Yamaha so on.TA2020-020 IC was 5 years old now.
still easy to get the other version of Tripath too .some one said under Blind test
sound is better than Hi End Audio like a Sony Digital Amplifier , Accuephase etc.
what do you think ? I dont know Mark Levinson sound
but sound is better than 300B SE. I like sound of RCA 45 SE.but RCA 45 does not get more
than ..............and easy to get High Quality Audio with just like ICE POWER...
but you can get good sound depend on low pass filter.


                              Inside shown just small size of PCB. 100mm X 60mm


                                high grade components using with P.C.B
                                POT is Alps for Audio etc.schematicis here.             

Basic Circuit and SPEC from Tripath

Tripath not yet now but some big electronics Mfg are same idea and same kind of
technologies using now. Tripath is still live some where in the world.

Max Power 20 W + 20 W at 4 ohm ( 10 W at 8 hom )
input impedance 10K ohm
sensibilty -15db to +4 db
power supply needed from DC+12V to 14V 4A cheap DC/DC converter
can be use.not necesaly to use high quality power supply.
stand by current 60mA
Sleep mode current 28uA
Effiency 90 % (in general audio AB Class Amplifier got Max 60%
effiency. so too much good.and surface temrature are very low .just like
cold box and amplifier is "ICE Power" when room temprature are low even summer.
sound is very smart but low range is not enough attack Speakers and high range
is not reach to super high frequency range.

This amplifier has 2 line in put 1 and 2.



But Single Ended Valve Amplifier is
better than D-Amplifier sound

Comments in spanish:

"Es sorprendente como un aparato tan pequeno y liviano suena tan bien, Sonido ruido high end, so se queda corto en graves y lo agudos y medios son de una precision inigualable, no distorsiona ni recorta frecuencias, tampoco tiene ruido ni his de fondo, y lo mas espectacular es que no produce resonancias desagradables al oido, Lo compare con Bifuu, Canary, Jadis, Cary, y un Moon de Simaudio que se las trae," Pero este pequeno T1 salio airoso . Yo todavia no puedo asimilar lo completo de este pequeno gran amplificador! Mr C S Santiago chile 28th Apr 2007

Boost circuit for TA2020-20 Tripath digital

Digiral Tripath TA2020-20 low range is you may boost up by some
RC components into input circuit.schematic is next.

Boost circuit

you can get some 4dB boost low range depende on RC value.

on 10th May 2007, this is 100W rms 2channel amplifier digital also use Tripath Digital IC chip. still less than 1Kg amplifier without power supply.small 100 W Stereo Amplifier now
one thing very important is these kind of amplifier using Class AB and BTL inside of Power IC and need some good LC filter.any kind of Digital Amplifier need LC filter for get Audio Sound.

Tripath TA4100 use 100 W rms 4 ohm / 50 W 8 ohm
depend on filter for each load impedance.

Digital Amplifier TA4100 Tripath

inside of amplifer

inside Tripath

down side Tripath

I will show you just inside of small 200W rms Amplifier

inside of Digital Amplifier TA4100 100W rms + 100W rms at 4 ohm and 50Wrms at 8 ohm.
but not incluide Power supply .digital amplifier does not care use DC/DC small
chinese power supply.even you can use Analog power supply for up grade sound.

T Type Digital Amplifier's problem is not get enough Low(Bass).because almost many
digital amplifier use rest frequency is not any digital amplifier are same
problem has.SONY TA DR1 and Jeff Rowrand ICE POWER too has same problem.

Tripath  amp 100W

Tripath TA4100 IC Amplifier 100W+100W

but my client from Concepcion Chile. bought 2 of Digital Amplifier last year.
He has 2 amplifier Tripah-Amplifier by Mizushima.100W Amplifier use TA4100.he said!

!!!detail in Spanish
Hace dos dias que estoy disfrutando del buen sonido, el sonido MIZUSHIMA,
agradezco a mis amigos del Sol naciente por tan fino equipo, aun sigo
sorprendido por el equipo, es maravilloso, tiene una profundidad de bajos
espectacular y una claridad de instrumentos sorprendente, felicitaciones
Maestro por tan sonora obra.on Apr 2009 from Concepcion ,Chile.

Tripath was old type of Digital Amplifier

New Digital Amplifier By ST Micro TDA7491 Small digital amplifier

New Amp 2009

ST Micro Co TDA7491 Digital Amplifier only 300g

detail is
picture is 80mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 24mm(T) very small amplifier
one chip digital amplifier.very small chip use.11mm x 11mm flat Dip packege
+12 V and 20W +20W Stereo Amplifier at 4 ohm.10 W on 8 ohm.
can be use small chinese DC/DC converter(Adaptor)from +5V to +18V.
sound is very clear and good bass. you can use both of Jazz and Clasic.

Mini Digital Amplifier


new digital amplifier

20W Small Digital Amplifier

Hiend audio

with insulater

Adbantage with small digital amplifier

this picture shown in Chile ,using small digital amplifier on 2013 Mar

using Digital Amplifier

Digital Amplifier shown in Chile 2013

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