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Nanopi-neo2 SPDIF/USB/I2S DAC Dietpi Music Server DIY

real size of Nanopi

🇺🇸English Nanopi-Neo2 Music Server DIY

The 🍓raspberrypi has become a dream PC
But there is 🐍 Nanopi. let's do our best to use

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Can be use u-boot ,Armbian and Dietpi for music server. and Volumio2 for real good music server


mpd org for mpd source down load


Be sure to purchase a heat sink when purchasing. Cannot be used alone

Real Size of Nanopi-Neo2 Cheap and beautiful board construction 40 mm x 40 mm

Since there is no suitable OS, please try only those who can use U-Boot and those who know how to operate Linux that can use Armbian and Dietpi.
Dietpi Music Server


This nanopi-neo2 is most cheapst price one board pc and you can use as music server by volumio2
and can be use USB DAC and I2S DAC DiY and SPDIF . this one does not need any SPDIF Hatt and can be connect directly GPIO to DAC
Nanopi-Nano2 has master clock and SPDIF directly , I2S port too. just need Nanopi-Neo2 .OS is Dietpi and Armbian and Volumio2 .

Linux Audio Foundation

In addition to installing Dietpi, please refer to this site for installing myMPD and nginx. You can definitely do it, anyone can do it

if does'nt work Mr John Smith arcives please use original old file as
# wget http://www.single-ended.com/rasp/archive/UN-offcial-zip/nanopi-neo2_ubuntu-core-xenial_4.11.2_20170909.img.zip

New version of archive does not function by I2S (defaults)so need compile of Kernel.
nanopi-neo2_FriendlyCore-Xenial_4.11.0_2017.img is fine. Xenial_4.14.....2017 are not for novice.
you can find 3's family and 4's family. 4's family archive is less temp than 3's family archive.they said.
How to use SSH : <----this part translate by google-->
Data exchange with NanoPi - Neo 2 or one - board PC without HDMI output requires a workstation (Windows, Linux, MAC - OS and other BSD system) connected to the LAN. I used UART
There are communication methods, but I will use SSH in this world. I've been using "terminal" because the workstation is using Linux for a long time. kterm, xterm, gnome-terminal, xface 4-terminal
Anything with a terminal name is possible. Putty is relatively famous on Windows, but I think that Teratum (Tera Term) is good. It is a terminal that the Japanese developed and is very cheap terminal.
Tera Term download link This tool is very much useful.
Communication with ssh First open the terminal,
# ssh root @ (IP on the left is an example) Enter from the command line. IP depends on the situation of home LAN. IP needs to be examined by some means. If you are using Linux
You can tell by # arp. Is it foolish for people using Linux? :) I will do it this way. If you do not have a monitor as well as NanoPi you need to communicate with SSH.
General users default to fa, pi. Enter this as "root". Although you can enter pi separately, it is troublesome, so enter "root". Please hit "fa" as you will be asked for the password.
I have logged in with this. From here, first of all
# apt-get update
# Please do # poweroff. # reboot or # shutdown - r now, but this NanoPi can not reboot, so please turn off the power. The AC adapter has a switch
It is convenient to use things. It is convenient to use an adapter with a switch on the outlet or an adapter with a switch on the USB connector so you can get it at the 100 yen shop. In the case of NanoPi
I think that it will be impossible to announce the application of the regular version because the ribs can not be done. Armbian and others can do these but # npi-config can not be used or use manufacturer recommended OS.

Please hit # apt-get install apt-utils after apt-update. This will speed up the installation apt-get a little faster. In case
# apt-get upgrade
Then localize it and localize it with # npi-config
as follows. Installation of the OS is easy so please try again no matter how many times it fails.

About npi-config

Whenever used as a music server,
# npi-config Please execute
. With this, localization, setting of I 2 S will not produce sound, and even if equipped with LCD, it is the same.


# npi-config Setting before using NanoPi-Neo 2

Although this setting can be done after installing various applications, I think that it is better to first set the locale, that is, set the country, time, language format, and so on.
I2S setting and H3 setting can be done later.
Since installation starts with apt-get afterwards, first when you start up, first
# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade
# apt-get install apt-utils
# apt-get install emacs
default mpd is mpd 0.19.12. You can also install them with # apt

Using NOS 16bit DAC for Hat

16bit DAC

NOS 16bit DAC for I2S, these kind of DAC does not need Master Clock

will build up one of NOS I2S DAC as soon as possible.this DAC is I out so need I/V converter, but this time using
one resistor R converter.then result is Ok will use I/V converter by one of OPE IC.one thing ES9023 DAC getting heavy Noise sometime.
must add output capacitor of out put terminal.and much better up grade mpd to 0.19.9 .

TDA1543 16bit DAC

I/V with One of OP-AMP ,but first try R converter I2S DAC

After Dec 2017 archive is does not work good from official of FA.............Archives of 2017.Sep are work fine but after these one are
does not work fine from FA.Be careful to buy these kind of one board PC very much risky.they does not make good support.

Volumio2 Again

volumio2 for NanoPIby Volumio forum
can get new Volumio 2 for NanoPi-Neo2. please visit Volumio site forum.carefully read this forum some day can get update files.

Volumio2 NanoPi Neo2 2018 Feb 5

Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 Feb 6th 2018 and works very fine :)WorkStation is RP3 Ubuntu Xenial

volumio2 5th Feb2018 + NOS DAC

Quite Good Sound get TDA1543 I2S R I/V DAC

Volumio2 + NanoPi-Neo2

Play Test Volumio2 + TDA1543 I2S DAC by NanoPi-Neo2

But Still Volumio2 Can not play DSD/DSF as DoP when using PCM5102A and ES9023 DAC , MPD Ubuntu Xenial can do Play DSD/DSF as DoP same condition.

Sound Test with TDA1543 I2S DIY DAC !!! :) I/V is only one R using

OS is Volumio2 5th Feb 2018 version for NanoPi-Neo2

Nanopi-neo2 volumio2<

DSF-->>> DoP by Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 7th Feb 2018 Version / I2S PCM5102A Very Good Sounding

Can play by 24bit 176.4Khz set up with PCM5102A I2S,DSF and flac. anything can play why ? I don't Know.very fine.

24bit 176.4 Khz setup then can play 352.8 Khz 32bit,24bit, .aiff
88.2Khz aiff,2.8Mhz dsf and mp3,ogg,flac,wav,wv,mp4 close all of file are fine.by volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2
finally :I built up 3 of I2S DAC.PCM5102A I2S DAC, ES9023 I2S DAC and TDA1543 NOS DAC. 3 are work fine.no specially need configuration.

Volumio2 I2S DAC

I2S DAC with Volumio2



setup volumio2 Nanpo Pi2

Setup Volumio2 + ES9023 DIY DAC on 24th Feb 2018//choose snd-sun8i-i2s-dac

Note: snd-sun8i-i2S-dac or H3 ,2 of them. you can use TDA1543 ,PCM5102A and ES 9023 DIY DAC.

Volumio2 unofficial version image by 5 Feb 2018. DAC is DIY ES9023

Play Jazz on 2nd Mar 2018.I2S DAC PCM5102A D.I.Y by Volumio2

Note : If your home LAN using both of IPv6 and IPv4 please rewrite /etc/mpd.conf a part of
# For network
#bind_to_address "localhost"
bind_to_address ""

then #reboot or
#systemctl stop mpd
#systemctl start mpd
for connectively under IPv6 and IPv4.have to choose IPv4 for Music Server for sometimes stop Music Server.
so have to edit /etc/mpd.conf of any mpd server like Raspberry Pi etc too.

play 352Khz PCM by volumio2

Can play 352.8 Khz aiff by Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 (PCM5102A DIY DAC) MPD is 0.20.6 Ver

Volumio2 Version update can do from WebUI

Play DSF

MPD 0.19.13 but play DSF ,DSD as DoP ,very fine Music Play NanoPi-Neo2

I2S DAC DIY show you, easy to build up



ES9023 I2S

ES9023 I2S DAC with Master Clock 49 Mhz

ES9023 DAC back side

ES9023 DAC back side


TDA 1543 I2S DAC for Nanopi-neo2 :Sound is good from 16bit DAC

SPDIF Test by Nanopi-neo2

then ,, out put is a little bit not enpugh level so can not drive to SPDIF DAC, so added TTL buffer by SN7404 inverter . same as above schematic. wave form show next and
small TTL unit.and got good result.TTL out is around 4v pp.wave form is quite good.


SPDIF out added TTL Buffer

My Mistake Pull Up Resistance

I thought something was wrong. First of all, the sound is strange. The position of the pull up resistance. I didn't write anything on the schematic, so I could get some hints from the temperature sensor's schematic. It is a position of pull up resistance.
As it is an open collector, it seems correct to put a pull-up resistor on the output. The need for the invar circuit has been eliminated. So let's bring it directly. The pull-up resistor can be connected by connecting resistor 10K to + B3.V as shown in the circuit diagram.
There is a very beautiful hide pattern like below. By the way, if the load is connected, the Peak to Peak will still fall, so it is safer to leave this inverter attached. You can play DSF DoP without any problems.
If you don't mind, you don't need a buffer circuit, but the load is heavy and Naopi-Neo2 may be broken. The buffer circuit just changed the position of the pull-up resistor as it was.
With Volumio 2 SPDIF,
Above all, I think it's great that you can use your own DAC close to you. Thank you very much, Mr. TKZ. As Volumio 2 has no freedom, I think MusicServer only with MPD is good. In my case, DAC uses FN1242A
So the sound is very similar to the ES9023. This is a feature of the 24bit DAC, it feels very good. I'm listening to Satie now, but it sounds good and it sounds great.


It is a very beautiful waveform. Waveform from SPDIF of NanoPi-Neo2

when does not use ssh by volumio2

Note: If you have more than one Volumio on your home LAN running, you can not access it if you try to access a new Volumio 2 with ssh, or you can not pass the password.
if can you see by Browser like firefox etc. first enable ssh where is volumio.local/dev
click ssh one time.then you can access by ssh.

ssh root @ -l volumio

I think you can now connect. IP is each person different IP depend on condition of Modem.


My DAC made on 1st Dec 2009 connected with Nanopi-Neo2 from SPDIF

Demonstration SPDIF By Nanopi-Neo2

As a result, I added an inverter. Even if the output from Nanopi-Neo2 GPIO is connected, the waveform will be disturbed, but playback is possible. I think it is better to put a buffer. Add an additional circuit in the Rapberry Pi experience
Because there was an experience that power was not turned on when there was a risk of high temperature due to the burden on the main body, if it was possible with only one resistance, I added a buffer with one IC. The waveform is beautiful. The image is attached below.
I have uploaded the operation status to YouTube.

Just add inverter IC

add inverter SN7404 for clean wave form




6DJ8 SRPP 3 digital input(SPDIF) + 1 analog input

Demonstration SPDIF By Nanopi-Neo2

As a result, I added an inverter. Even if the output from Nanopi-Neo2 GPIO is connected, the waveform will be disturbed, but playback is possible. I think it is better to put a buffer. Add an additional circuit in the Rapberry Pi experience
Because there was an experience that power was not turned on when there was a risk of high temperature due to the burden on the main body, if it was possible with only one resistance, I added a buffer with one IC. The waveform is beautiful. The image is attached below.
I have uploaded the operation status to YouTube.

NanoPi-neo2 SPDIF out and using DIY DAC

Use or utilize this DTB

People who use
Nanopi-Neo2 may also use Music Server. In other words, since there is a shared part, various drivers can be experimented by rewriting /boot/sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo2.dtb.
Copy all Volumio2's / boot / database from above to INTERNAL. Copy these *. Dtbs to the workstation. It is good to rewrite this *. Dtb when necessary. Copy to the shared part of that OS
Rewrite /boot/sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo2.dtb. You can copy it with the cp command. This *. Dtb is important, so save it in some important folder. Thank you, Mr. TKZ.

Although the TOS link was invented by Toshiba, the meaning of TOS is also a meaning of throwing. Transmission method of optical fiber has jitter etc.
Also, the transmission speed is not fast, and metal cables are generally considered to be faster. The TOS link also differs depending on the device, but at best it will be up to 98Khz.
We recommend using metal cables.

SPDIF plays Natalie Cole

volumo2 pine 64

Volumio2 for Pine64 64bit Single Board PC and low cost

How to make Pine 64 sound with little information

When I searched internet, it was described that SPDIF works from Volumio 2, but it was unclear how to connect. ... Well, I think you all know that there is an Euler port.
I made a drawing, so please try it by referring to it. I think it is finished with one resistor and one capacitor. Please experiment to see the value of the capacitor. A beautiful hide pattern is output.
The output of SPDIF is available, so it can be connected to an external DAC. I was able to put out the sound normally. I have uploaded to youtube. More if you can use MoodeAudio or RuneAudio
It's useful, but it has increased usage considerably because only USB DAC can be used. Other I2S seems to have come out. The waveform is very beautiful.
Raspberry pi 3 feels faster than before. The sound has also changed.
It is actual feeling to say
. I think that the waveform of the SPDIF is also very beautiful and influences the sound. I also feel that there is less jitter. For a long time, the sound was not satisfactory except for the USB DAC, but I saw the waveform by looking at this Euler port.
The I2S waveform is also beautiful, and it seems that the master clock is also out. Although it is necessary to analyze, it became a very favorite board. If you have a good DAC, you should try it.
It is good point that power consumption is low. However, this is only possible on Volumi 2 OS. Listen to the sound all day long, the sound is good, the sound is clear. RaspberryPi 3 does not have SPDIF, so if you do not connect HAT
These operations can not be done, but in case of Pine 64 SPDIF comes out from the body as it is, so it is very convenient. I think the jitter is also less.
If you replace the latest version of Volumio2's mpd binary, mpd will be the latest. Copy and use the latest version of rapberrypi 3 mpd. Copy to Pine64's volumio2 /usr/bin. under ssh .
then Music Player Daemon 0.20.18 (d3559e8-dirty) to Music Player Daemon 0.20.6 then easy to replay DSF as DoP.
PINE 64 It can be connected to any DAC with a little processing like one sheet.
There are DACs without USB, some with an SPDIF input, and some older receivers have a DAC input attached. They come alive.
You can enjoy music with Music Server and external DAC. Of course you can also receive internet radio. However, a LAN is required, and a line to which the LAN is connected to the Internet is required.

Pine 64: About Music Server
1) I2S signal is emitted.
2) get a Master Clock.
3) get SPDIF.
4) Dedicated OS is Volumio 2

schematic for Nanopi-Neo2 asignment of GPIO

show you asignment of each pin of Nanopi-Neo2 .so you can hook up DAC directly because this one has master clock and even I2S .
other wise you can use USB and SPDIF too. good for music server.when you would like to use without hatt board.
any one board has wav out put even Raspberrypi .Nanopi-neo2 has too. can play music without DAC.only need low pass filter.
connect input line of Audio Amplifier.this audio is wav format.
I am very sorry to write bad english ,because I am not native speaker.please understand how to get information correctly.


so you can use any type of DAC with Nanopi-neo2 and Nanopi-Neo H3 and H5


I2S DAC DIY very easy to build up

OS are ??

(1) Volumio2
(2) Diet pi
(3) Armbian
(4) some Debian for Nanopi-neo2 but they are old
so Have to use Dietpi , Armbian and Volumio2 as you know source are Mr Michelangelo Guarise so same person produce these archive.
Volumio は組織や開発者が Mr Michelangelo Guarise となっています。この人が全てを開発しているのでしょう。この人とそのグループが作成したOSとなると思います。


each wave form are above

doing test I2S DAC diy DAC not expensive

es 9023

ES 9023 I2S DAC high quality DAC until 193 Khz 24bit


ES 9023 DAC 24bit 198 Khz DIY DAC


easy build up by one ..diy

volumio 3

Volumio2 and 3 for Nanopi-neo2 are above

how to use volumio

since 10th Nov 2022 NanoPi-Neo2 Pi Music Server how to last up date 10th 2022

Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y edited with BlueFish By JH1 DAS ex WB4ACI from Sakura Chiba Japan

How to build up Amplifier Single Ended Amplifier 2022