High Reso Audio Nanopi Neo2 DAC DIY
*  Nanopi Neo2 for Sound source

Nanopi-neo2 DAC I2S DIY


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Your OS of PC is
If did you see X11 means family of UNIX and Navigator.

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real size of Nanopi

Real Size of Nanopi-Neo2 very low cost PC and good termination of board 40mm x 40mm


Just Started by LAN ,Nanopi-Neo is very small and does not have Monitor output so very light hardware

Must use with HeatSink of Nano before when start Nano.and Nanopi is not same means of Raspberry pi. Nanopi is
using Python so Pi= Py Python.few model are present from them ,Nanopi Neo and Neo2 different CPU using so farm ware(OS)is
not same each other. small one board PC does not have hdmi (grafic interface like hdmi)therefor only can use for kind of server.
Note: friendlyARM said PI nothing mean so not same as raspberrypi .NanoPi means Nothing mean.they said.I asked to them.
If does not use heat sink temp reach to around 100 Deg C.so be careful to this unit.even using long time hot surface.
and summer time will be over 70 deg C.so must use with some small cooling fan.

small fan 1 inch x 1

Official Images of NanoPi-Neo2 Shared by John Smith

New version of archive does not function by I2S (defaults)so need compile of Kernel.
nanopi-neo2_FriendlyCore-Xenial_4.11.0_2017.img is fine. Xenial_4.14.....2017 are not for novice.
you can find 3's family and 4's family. 4's family archive is less temp than 3's family archive.they said.

How to use SSH : <----this part translate by google-->
Data exchange with NanoPi - Neo 2 or one - board PC without HDMI output requires a workstation (Windows, Linux, MAC - OS and other BSD system) connected to the LAN. I used UART
There are communication methods, but I will use SSH in this world. I've been using "terminal" because the workstation is using Linux for a long time. kterm, xterm, gnome-terminal, xface 4-terminal
Anything with a terminal name is possible. Putty is relatively famous on Windows, but I think that Teratum (Tera Term) is good. It is a terminal that the Japanese developed and is very cheap terminal.
Tera Term download link This tool is very much useful.
Communication with ssh First open the terminal,
# ssh root @ (IP on the left is an example) Enter from the command line. IP depends on the situation of home LAN. IP needs to be examined by some means. If you are using Linux You can tell by # arp. Is it foolish for people using Linux? :) I will do it this way. If you do not have a monitor as well as NanoPi you need to communicate with SSH.
General users default to fa, pi. Enter this as "root". Although you can enter pi separately, it is troublesome, so enter "root". Please hit "fa" as you will be asked for the password.
I have logged in with this. From here, first of all
# apt-get update
# Please do # poweroff. # reboot or # shutdown - r now, but this NanoPi can not reboot, so please turn off the power. The AC adapter has a switch
It is convenient to use things. It is convenient to use an adapter with a switch on the outlet or an adapter with a switch on the USB connector so you can get it at the 100 yen shop. In the case of NanoPi
I think that it will be impossible to announce the application of the regular version because the ribs can not be done. Armbian and others can do these but # npi-config can not be used or use manufacturer recommended OS.

Please hit # apt-get install apt-utils after apt-update. This will speed up the installation apt-get a little faster. In case
# apt-get upgrade
Then localize it and localize it with # npi-config
as follows. Installation of the OS is easy so please try again no matter how many times it fails.

Nanopi-Neo is 32 bit CPU 
and Nanopi-Neo2 is 64bit CPU.Ether Net is 1000M and using Cortex A53 quad core.both can be use server and controller ,etc.
reboot is shutdown then no reboot work, this Nano Neo2 Neo version but # shutdown -r now can do not reboot
is problem restart power supply Switch
Note:NanoPi-Neo 2 as a minimum knowledge if you would like to use something you need to have the ability to master and use Linux freely.
But, let's challenge it is not so difficult.but you have to do
# npi-config before what to do.then you can configure mpd etc.

About npi-config

Whenever used as a music server,
# npi-config Please execute
. With this, localization, setting of I 2 S will not produce sound, and even if equipped with LCD, it is the same.


# npi-config Setting before using NanoPi-Neo 2

Although this setting can be done after installing various applications, I think that it is better to first set the locale, that is, set the country, time, language format, and so on.
I2S setting and H3 setting can be done later.
Since installation starts with apt-get afterwards, first when you start up, first
# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade
# apt-get install apt-utils
# apt-get install emacs
default mpd is mpd 0.19.12. You can also install them with # apt-get and you can use it enough, but when you compile the source you need to upgrade your knowledge as it is. But since it's not so difficult, please try it. Anyone can do it.

pinout diagram

GPIO assignment


ssh Ubuntu for 64bit on 18th Sep 2016 and setup by npi-config same as rpi-config

pine64 play of file of Nanopi

Pine64 + USB DAC doing play of file of Nanopi-Neo2 Music files 


I2S DAC PCM5201A DIY DAC take out from Raspbberypi+B Server.must be change connection for Nanopi

I2S DAC with NanoPi

Instead of 24 pin base using 40pin base raspberrypi .I2S is DIY DAC for Raspberrypi

wave form

Wave form show above from NanoPi-Neo2 I2S signal using Ubuntu Xenial took data by HITACHI V-1560

from DAC incoprated

incorporated DAC on Nanopi-Neo2 just show getting audio from Pi

Audio Out of Nano

5 pin hole show as audio out ,pitch is small size


Right side is Assign of PCM5102a .as you know does not need Master Clock

I2S DAC for NanoPi Neo2

Scematic Diagram show above only 2 IC works fine

USB memory mount even micro SD +USB mounter if would like to use with NanoPi-Neo2 ,does not mount default condition.so

what to do...
# apt-get update
# apt-get install usbmount

automatically can mount USB Memory.by NanoPi-Neo2.
so, I can listen Music from USB ,show next.

from USB

NanoPi-Neo2 can read data of USB,depend on mpd.conf and smb.conf

play test

Play Test by terminal with mplayer(paluse audio,ffmpeg mplayer by apt-get)

root@NanoPi-NEO2:/home/kenji/Music/BillyChilds-HisAprilTouch# aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: sndsun8ii2sdac [snd-sun8i-i2s-dac], device 0: sun8i-i2s-dac pcm5102a-hifi-0 []
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 1: Codec [H3 Audio Codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 []
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
so, $ aplay -l is show above.OS is nanopi-neo2_ubuntu-core-xenial_4.11.2_20170909.img

flac 96Khz

play 96Khz flac by mplayer

Aitendo DAC

Lazy low spec 16bit 48Khz DAC (USD$9 Doll)but works fine for Test

DSF play Nanopi-neo2

DSF play by Nanopi-neo2 with USB DAC and PCM5102a I2S DAC :)

mpd control

can control by android even iphone too

stream ripper

# apt-get install streamripper
you can record webradio inside of memory ,,much better make holder then make
you can record Linn Jazz by streamripper inside of NanoPi-Neo2 's holder.even other micro SD too

And if do you have enough memory please try to use WEBRADIO
add next line into last line of smb.conf
comment = WebRadio Folder
path = /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO
read only = no
public = yes
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes
and # mkdir /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

wget http://www.single-ended.com/rasp/archive/WEBRADIO.tar.gz
# mkdir tmp
#cd tmp
tmp# wget http://www.single-ended.com/rasp/archive/WEBRADIO.tar.gz
tmp# tar xvzf WEBRADIO.tar.gz -C /var/lib/mpd/music/
so you can get more than 1000 Internet Radio Station at WEBRADIO.
off course you can add any station from Itune ,Cantata, GMPC, Ario,etc.etc.

Volume control by alsa

alasamixer and cantata ,adjust volume level by alsa

in general ,I'm using olasonic DDC , just USB to SPDIF converter under 24bit 96Khz. and DAC is DIY DAC using FN1242A single.
slightly feel like more clear sound than by using Volumio2 + WN8804+ SPDIF with DIY DAC.both are same DAC using.
if would like to use SKyMPC as client of MPD please installby Google about here to get files
Sky MPC is good for Client and put together with Cantata much better.

If some one can not start mpd please try to write file of /etc/hosts as localhost.localdomain localhost NanoPi-NEO2

this is one example. IP is your Host IP and Name of Host.then reboot.
MPD.conf isMY MPDthis is
just my case of mpd.conf .this is only my case of mpd.conf so can not use anyone.possible to help this text for you.USB DDC is Olasonic small PCB
24bit 96Khz connected with DIY 24bit 198 Khz DAC.(3 digital input ,1 analog input with Valve buffer)
Note : Down load CantataCantata down loadpresent for Linux ,MAC ,Windows.
if would like to access by $ssh root@nanopi-neo2.local please install Avahi daemon.then edit mpd.conf about set up of Zeroconf .then easily to access
name of IP(host.local)=Avahi.

$ sudo apt-get install mpd avahi-daemon
can use with zeroconf by ssh.if does not use zeroconf. is not need install.

NanoPi Neo2 + DIY USB DAC by YouTube

NanoPi-Neo + USB

NanoPi-Neo2 as Smallest Music Server

Note:how to make DSD file for Hi Res

http://www.2L.no can get dsd File but this is just sample. so please try to make dsd file from PCM .then use TASCAM Editor TEAC TASCAM DSDthis is Link ,would you visit TEAC TASCAM SITE.

Tascam Editor

So easy to get DSF file from PCM

youtube player by command line ,can down load music.too enjoy,
#apt-get install python-pip mplayer
# pip install mps-youtube
# pip install --upgrade pip
# mpsyt
try to test first,,,install

Install YMPD on NanoPi Neo2

Ympd see from Fedora Core 22 x64 Linux

doing watch ympd by Fedora Core 22 Linux x64 ICEWM

apt install cmake
apt install libmpdclient-dev
apt install libssl-dev
apt-get install gcc
apt-get install g++
cd /usr/lib
git clone https://github.com/notandy/ympd
cd ympd
mkdir -p build
cd build
make install
then write command line /usr/lib/ympd/build/ympd &
nano /etc/rc.local then edit, add above line /usr~
therefor automatically start ympd when reboot Nanopi-neo2 server.NanoPi-Neo2 smallest server can control by ympd instantly by other PC.
" http://nanopi-neo2.local:8080 " can see NanoPi small server. NanoPi-Neo2 is depend on which did you made server name ever.
can reproduce any kind of format as dop= PCM ,even dsd 5.6Mhz 2.8Mhz too but must be upgrade mpd 0.20 because this version is 0.19
but be careful to make update mpd.
Note : must be add additional command is write before "exit 0 " at /etc/rc.local

from Youtube Diy DAC + NanoPi Neo2 micro server

Internet radio virginia radio by NanoPi Neo2

cantata(gmpc too) can do listen Music by Virginia Music and all of WEBRADIO pls VMVirginia Music's pls

Testing I2S DAC 15th Oct 2017

work fine as I2S DAC on 15th Oct 2017

play test

PCM5102a I2S DAC DIY Testing SkyMPC with Cantata

Testing I2S DAC

No more USB DAC, Sound is quite good ,play DSF is nothing problem with 5.6 Mhz as DoP :)

Hat ?

Large Scale Just need Master Clock same as Raspberry pi

raspberrypi Zero

Raspberry pi Zero with I2S DAC


root@NanoPi-NEO2:~# cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params
would you enter this command above line.. probably indicated 16 bit so you are listen music 16 bit.not dsd even High Reso,
if indicated what to do......?
NanoPi-NEO2:~# cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params
format: S16_LE
subformat: STD
channels: 2
rate: 44100 (44100/1)
period_size: 4410
buffer_size: 22050
This is I2S out put by PCM5102a so 16bit sound.problem of alsa.
But sound is quite very good.please try build up one of NanoPi-Neo2 or other version.

By YouTube,,,up loaded on 5th Nov 2017 ,PCM5102A I2S DAC

into the 100 Yen Shop Box

into cheap plastinc box but enough to use as Music Server

still not get images

with LCD Monitor

recording classic

using streamripper and doing save webradio around 15 hours less than 5 Gbyte use..internal memory

ES9023 Sabre



DIY Sabre DAC ES 9023 Going build up DIY DAC

Plan for DAC Sabre ES9023
just plan for DAC ES9023

About ncmpcpp ,,, just install by Nanopi-neo or Nanopi-neo2 .
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get install ncmpcpp
then you can use ncmpcpp right now show next


Can control volume control,music etc by CUI



new I2S DAC for Nanopi-Neo2

50Mhz Crystal

Master Clock 2mm x 2.5mm very small Xtal by SeikoEpson SG-210STF

mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS -o iocharset = utf 8
Let's also access volumio 2, it is mount first. Please make mkdir /mnt/NAS in advance. I get the file below the NAS of volumio 2, but this does not work very well,
NAS The following is a shared file of micro servers connected to other LAN. This will not work. I can see the directory, but I can not get permission.
Although you can read the file that exists in Volumio 2, it does not work very well, although a small music server is connected in the room separately, the purpose is to listen to the music throughout the year
Since it is used as a spare or file server when somewhere goes down unless it is running multiple times, multiple servers are required. Output selector by music category
Switch by. I am doing such usage.

Note: The above mounting method must be mounted each time it is started up, but there is also a way to put it in /etc/fstab, this practice is also dangerous on x86 Linux and will not start up.
Since this is a fatal defect in this server without X, we think that it is a good idea to start up each time if possible. There is no better way to relieve. People who are confident of Linux should try it.
Although this is also an experience, it is a drawback of a server that can be accessed only by SSH.

Access to other samba files
NanoPi-Neo2 access samba file

The control recommends SKYMPC, it has very useful control function.

There are functions such as "update" and "MPD connection" among the functions of SkyMPC. If an error occurs, use ssh to repair the Nanopi Server.
If there is no error in SkyMPC
It is OK. Then use other clients to monitor, select tunes and select songs. I think Cantata is very good

# apt-get install cifs-utils
# mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS -o iocharset=utf8 This is the address of the Volumio 2 in the house, but you can see inside, but to extract
I can not, Volumio 2 contains thousands of music on hard disk of 1 Tera HDD USB (SATA) attached to Volumio 1.55 (, but this Volumio 1.55 can be accessed directly Without
It is a library of Volumio 2 ( So I would like to access from NanoPi - Neo 2, but I can get permission, but I can not see the inside.

root @ NanoPi - NEO 2: ~ # ln -s /mnt/NAS/Music /var/lib/mpd/music/Music
root @ NanoPi - NEO 2: ~ # ln -s /mnt/NAS/USB_Music /var/lib/mpd/music/Music

After doing it, if you symbolically do it, the contents are visible and it comes to the image shown above.
Because I keep it all the year round, I think that mounting should be done when starting up manually. Automatic startup
I think that it is good manually because there is a possibility that it will not move.
With this you can read thousands of songs of music with NanoPi - Neo 2. 64G Byte of music is enough, but the information on the hard disk is
We recommend this method because it will not erase by mistake.
Note:this part use Google translation,from Japanese to English.I am so sorry about lazy thinking... :)
From the long experience of Linux on NAS information in etc /fstab If you put mount information on NAS side there is something wrong Linux will not start up.
Therefore, it is safer to input the mount information from the command line as necessary.
If there is a problem on the NAS side, it will be displayed as an error, so you can solve it by setting up the NAS side. Most are errors on the network.
In the case of NanoPi-Neo2  I think that it is better to repair errors in this way because there is only repair means for SSH.
(translation by google English from Japanese,translation is something odd by google but enough to understand for people who would like to know....I guess)

volumio 1.55 file play H Hahn

Now Can do play Music of other side of files by NanoPi-Neo2 ,Hilary Hahn plays

es9023 DAC Play

Sound is Normal,mcuh better PCM5102A 's sound charactor,

Evaluation: Well, an ordinary sound came out, the DAC of the PCM 51XX family is also the same,
but it is more intuitive to remove the 4700 pF capacitor for the output filter.
How about DSD 2.8 Mhz 5.6Mhz are normal but DoP as PCM.
Crystal use has default specification.in my case need to use 50 Mhz crystal unit.
PCM 5102A also uses the output capacitor and uses it, but my ears feel that PCM 5102A is better, apart from S / N.
The sound of the PCM 512X is also PCM5102A .It is the same tendency sound.
If you set the capacitor (capacitor) that drops to the ground to a large value,
there is a tendency that the sound will be muffled.
If you need CR there, increase the series resistance and increase the value of the capacitor
We recommend you to reduce the size. Since this is also considered to determine the frequency of cutoff,
it is usual that the frequency is determined by F = 1 / pi x C x R. If it is made smaller, the cut frequency becomes
We will go up so let's consult with your ear and decide the value here. After all it seems that deletion is the best.
Equipment without a capacitor in the output is internally complementary, so to be differential
It is normal to have it, and if the balance collapses, the minus or plus voltage comes out to this part,
so there is a possibility that the amp attached to it will break down.
These are digital stores .This is the DAC and preamplifier I thought of. Let's attach a coupling capacitor.
In the world of vacuum tube amp it is a general design not to use fixed bias when using an expensive vacuum tube.
It is also common that the input circuit contains a transformer or a condenser. When there is a CR,
be sure to calculate and decide the value. DAC such as PCM5102A is enough for me, but I made it before
The DAC with SPDIF input using FN 1242A is the best, you can listen to it calmly.DSD are play as DoP .(this part translated by Google)
If do you have I2S DAC by PCM5102A like HAT.does not need special set up for this I2S DAC.
If you make your own, you can make one with the same performance as HAT on the market with less than USD 10 dollars.
Looks are not so good, but the performance is the same. :) !
About ES9023 and FN1242A are just same kind of sound .very similar.just need audio_out for es9023 for mpd.let' me know.if correct wrote
audio_out suppose will be get good sound.I have to test.

I used it for several hours In the case of a vacuum tube ES9023 is like a 300B single-ended Amplifier
and PCM 5102A is like a 2A3 single-ended Amplifier. How about that? It is such feeling.

few days later I could'nt make contact with the other Music server after update and upgrad.. then some site said have to add option vers=1.0
After that, communication began to catch from around mid-November 2017, it got caught and it became impossible to link with other servers. Soon there will be no sound, just a file server
I got it. I installed smb.conf mpd.conf in front of another server's HDD before installing it again. It was also several degrees, I thought, mpd is difficult. that too
Up Date, Up Once we grade it, we are no longer standing up. I installed it again, but other servers could not recognize it. There was a reference example when looking at Qiita.com.
If you add version = 1.0, for example, mount.cifs // /mnt/NAS -o vers = 1.0 iocharset = utf8
[vers = 1.0 is] additionally entered.NAS after IP is one of directly of other Music server.please use SKYMPC for seach other Music server and Windows Share.

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "Sabre ES9023 "
device "hw:0,0" # optional
mixer_type "software" # optional
dop "yes"

Ympd ES9023

ES9023 I2S DAC and Ympd

LP Diana Krall

Plays by LP to flac,can play 5.6Mhz DSF as DoP too

Sound is, slightly low frequency are strong than PCM5102A I2S DAC

By YouTube,,,up loaded on 25th Nov 2017 ,ES9023 I2S DIY DAC

Note: be careful for update and up grade often after apt-get upgrade system ,does not work correctly mpd and samba.so do not care
if indicated need upgrade server.but be careful to make apt-get upgrade.

detail of mpd

#id3v1_encoding "UTF-8" # after mpd 0.20 does not use id3v1
volume_normalization "yes"
audio_output_format "44100:24:2" # if use 24 bit family of DAC
#samplerate_converter "Fastest Sinc Interpolator" # after 0.20 no use
audio_buffer_size "8192" # 8192 is high so must be choose other number like 4096

# Audio Output ################################################################
# MPD supports various audio output types, as well as playing through multiple
# audio outputs at the same time, through multiple audio_output settings
# blocks. Setting this block is optional, though the server will only attempt
# autodetection for one sound card.
# An example of an ALSA output:
audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "Saber ES 9023"
device "hw:0,0" # optional
mixer_type "software" # optional
# mixer_device "default" # optional
# mixer_control "PCM" # optional
dop "yes" # optional

# and add final of file

decoder {
plugin "ffmpeg"
enabled "yes"

decoder {
plugin "audiofile"
enabled "yes"

decoder {
plugin "dsdiff"
enabled "yes"

decoder {
plugin "dsf"
enabled "yes"

# ######################################################## #any kind of DAC can play next script at all.

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "DIY PCM5102a"
device "hw:Pcm5102a,0"
mixer_type "software"
format "*:32:2"
replay_gain_handler "software"
dop "yes"

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "NanoPi-NEO2 LineOut"
device "hw:Codec,0"
mixer_type "software"

audio_output {

type "alsa"
name "Output"
device "hw:0,0"
mixer_type "software"
dop "yes"

these script are only mpd version until 0.19.xx and can not use mpd 0.20.xx
#Please edit by keyboard ,"no copy and drag" because format of letter is different each country language so often does not work mpd.
micro SD is 16 G Byte class 10 and not good to use large size of micro SD like 64 G Byte.

Bill Evans from NAS

Piano play by Bill Evans from NAS

Volumio 2 for NanoPi-Neo2 will coming soon ???

Volumio2 for NanoPi-Neo2

Coming soon ,,,I guess... Not GNU but ???,,,,,

Nanopi-neo2 by Volumio2

Still No Sound from USB(SPDIF) and Saber ES9023 any mode,and no reboot and shutdown ***REF*Volumio for Nanopi2


We are not going to struggle, but in this forum there is a comment that thinking that switching databases sounds. The last ZIP is about to enter. Download the previous Volumio 2-NanoPi-Neo 2
Burn to micro SD. Please set this so that it matches the environment once it is set up. I will reboot. In the case of NanoPi-Neo 2 I am not steady here and will not reboot, so please switch off.
take out the micro SD and look at the boot on the main PC. I think that you can see sun50i-nanopi-neo2.dtb. Unzip the newly downloaded file sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo2.zip to this
Rewrite this file with the same name. So, it is the current state that I started up. Sound from DIY's Saber ES 9023 came out. It is a very good feeling. This made the threshold very low. I can not do ribs etc
I think that trouble will somehow come about. About switchable This one-board PC does not have a power switch, so a USB adapter with a switch or an AC socket with a switch etc
Currently available anywhere at a very low price. Use this as a power switch. Self-made Saber ES 9023 made a powerful sound.
(Traduction by Google from My bad Japanese)
So, you can do these without needing special Linux knowledge apart from launching. Volumio sounds bad
I am told, but this is enough for me. The sound is the destination of the DAC, the general theory is that it is an amplifier or a speaker.
I listened to lots of high-end machines with very good sound even with 16 bit DAC.I knew.

NanoPi-Neo2 Volumio2

Getting Good Sound from NanoPi-Neo2 by Volumio2 on 3rd Dec 2017

DIY I2S DAC ES9023 with 300B Single Ended Amplifier

Then ....

Edited mpd.conf of Volumio NanoPi-Neo2....a part of audio_out is empty escript
format "*:*:2"
so replaced "*:24:2" then reboot I got sound of DSD, DSF ,,,very clear sound.can play any kind of Music from NanoPi-Neo2 by Volumio2 now.
still on 30th Dec 2017,Volumio2 for NanoPi-Neo2 is un-stable.

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "alsa"
device "softvolume"
dop "yes"
mixer_device "SoftMaster"
mixer_control "SoftMaster"
mixer_type "software"
format "48000:24:2"

It is the world's smallest music server, you can get high-quality sound with a good DAC. Much lower price.

DSF by NanoPi-Neo2 Volumio2

Sound is very clear and very good musical sound getting from NanoPi-Neo2 by Volumio2

How to add other webradio by hand at Volumio2:just open vi or nano, /data/favourites/my-web-radio
[{"service":"webradio","name":"Smooth Jazz NYC","uri":"http://streaming308.radionomy.com:80/SmoothJazzNewYorkCity"}]
[{ data }] {data} is web-radio-data just like above.off course you can add on gui volumio menu.


Finally I got volumio2 Nanopi-Neo2 latest version Just install and detect ES9023 DAC .nothing problem this version is Volumio2.0-2017-11-26-arm7-nanopi2.img.7z
from same forum link.please read and get new archive.show next demo.but if your house has optic line, please use 1G speed of hub for connect Music Server.
as Very nice mini Music Server you can build up and not expensive.is Volumio2 by NanoPi-Neo2 .but un-stable

Volumio2 by  NanoPi-Neo2

Volumio2 by NanoPi-Neo2 Volumio2.0-2017-11-26-arm7-nanopi2.img Froze when DSF play ,flac ,mp3 are fine

Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 plays flac by Diana Krall

some friend send me LP to flac file by google strage ,,flac,mp3 even mp4 sound are fine and very clear

from Cantata ubuntu xenial

Watch from Cantata under Ubuntu Xenial by Rasp P3

Sky MPC + Cantata

From the viewpoint of operability, Ubuntu that installed mpd seems to be the best. If you use cantata or skympc you can quite go back to the library and WEBRADIO etc,
If you use the function in Cantata you can choose music and tuning freely. The sound also improves considerably by editing mpd.conf. The archive underlying any distribution
Since it is mpd, the things to do are the same, so I think that it is good to refer to the editing sample of mpd.conf of the other distribution. SKYMPC can see a fine extension
I can do it, and you can play DSF, DFF etc. I think this is enough.

Step by Step install mpd Music Server into NanoPi-Neo2

(1) get Ubuntu Xanial for NanoPi Neo2 nanopi-neo_ubuntu-core-xenial_4.11.2_20170605.img.zip
(2) nanopi-neo_ubuntu-core-xenial_4.11.2_20170605.img.zip roast by 16G Byte micro SD under roast tool same way with Rapberrypi.etc
(3) then ssh root@
depend on your IP(LAN),then this is just Ubuntu Server program.must know LINUX.but a little bit. any one can do.
(4)apt-get update
(5)apt-get upgrade
(6)apt-get install mpd
(7)apt-get install samba
(8)apt-get install g++
(9)apt-get install cifs-utiles
(10)apt-get install ncmpcpp
(11)install ympd
(12)apt-get install avahi-daemon
almost these things can do build up Music Server.not difficult to do make good Music Server.then setup mpd.conf and smb.conf after npi-config
each install application some time need reboot.then Switch turn off this mini server because NanoPI does not function reboot correctly.so
manually turn off mini server by power supply switch.
add :added smb.conf [Music] add Music holder on Server.
comment = Music Folder
path = /var/lib/mpd/music/Music
read only = no
writable = yes
browseable = yes
guest ok = yes
wide links = yes
create mode = 0777
directory mode = 0777
follow sysmlinks = yes

right now you can get sound from your NanoPi-Neo2 then up grade of MPD 0.19.12 to MPD 0.20.6

Depend on you mind.how about update of mpd. Xenial's mpd is a little bit old now .mpd 0.19.12 is original mpd of Ubuntu Xenial.so going up grade mpd.
from 0.19.12 to 0.20.6 (any version can install if would like to install into your NanoPi-Neo2).first please install as apt-get install mpd then setup
mpd correctly and get sound.then do up date mpd. first make some tempolary directly like tmp . $mkdir tmp in your home directly.home direcrly means
have to add "USER". if your name is "Ben". please add your home directly. as
sudo adduser ben ~ PC asking data of you. finally your PC(Nanopi-neo2 )has home directly of "Ben". /home/ben is your directrly.so login into
your PC have to login as "ben".ssh access is $ssh ben@192.168.x.x or if enable to use Avahi-daemon. $ ssh ben@nanopi-neo2.local can do access
Music Server. then $ su passwd of root "xxxx".
# apt-get install build-essential dpkg-dev autoconf automake libboost-dev libicu-dev
for new mpd install.
# apt-get build-dep mpd
so to do ,,above line can install archive for install new mpd.,source file(archive)to get from
>Music Player Daemon (MPD)from Main Site of MPD then have to compile source file
by "step by step" with command line.please choose mpd source file from above MPD site.first move to /tmp or /usr/src or home directly's tmp.any where.
cd /usr/src
src# wget https://xxxxx.com/mpdxxxxxxxx.tar.gz or tar.xz etc.....any file do you like but same version do you like to install.
src#tar xvzf mpdxxxxxxxx.tar.gz
cd mpdxxxxxxxx
mpdxxxxxxxxx# ./configure
if does not get any problem please to do # make
take time.....then no problem ,, " you get this ""MPD is ready for compilation, type "make" to begin" final of "make"
as root. # make install
will be get new MPD into your NanoPi-Neo2 Server.from 0.19.12 to new version of MPD.then
new mpd is installed at usr/local/bin/mpd
so have to replace path of binary.edit by nano or vi or emacs.
# sudo service mpd stop
nano /etc/init.d/mpd
inside of mpd file ,"watch",,,a part of mpd.. DAEMON=/usr/bin/mpd
replace to DAEMON=/usr/local/bin/mpd then save file then re start mpd daemon.
# sudo service mpd start
#mpd -V
right now you can get now version of MPD into NanoPi-Neo2 Music Server. just do it's.but if does not work I can not insure.
I do not care when does not work correctly.just so sorry but many time I did ,,nothing problem to install new MPD.
if install correct version of mpd please and change path of setup(configure)Ubutu 16.04 with mpd 0.20~ version .
about /etc/init.d/mpd to /lib/systemd/system/mpd.service and mpd.conf setup is /etc/default/mpd so have to read doc where
can got.
Just say Good Luck!! :)

MPD update...

MPD 0.20.6 right now,,,probably sound is a little bit good than before ?????? :)

Giga Speed Hub

Cheap Hub but very good work for Pine64,Nanopi-neo2 if you have optic line/

I2S DAC diy

PCM1974 DAC for Pi I2S

24bit 192Khz I2S DAC Diy for any Pi


1 x R  I/V Converter Ref some copy from internet


NanoPi-Neo2 No2 Machine will start

New archive nanopi-neo2_FriendlyCore-Xenial_4.14.0_20171208.img.zip does not get sound from I2S ,H3 sound is OK ,so what to do ?
have to try compile of Kernel.

this is kernel

some archive is here to add
Git is https://github.com/friendlyarm/linux
very important add this one
into new one. but I m not sure ,,,build .have a good luck.and zip file is
https://github.com/blue777/NanoPi-NEO2-I2S_MCLK/archive/master.zip <--------this zip file add to linux kernel// then compile.
Ref site : links from Qiita.com

doing compile

doing ,,,, compile of kernel

SKymPC rp3

Sky MPC on Raspberry Pi3 Ubuntu xenial

Out of Music Server of NanoPi-Neo2

Gaming by NanoPI by ssh

Gaming NanoPi-Neo2 by SSH bastet and pacman4console can get apt-get

Using NOS 16bit DAC for Hat

16bit DAC

NOS 16bit DAC for I2S, these kind of DAC does not need Master Clock

will build up one of NOS I2S DAC as soon as possible.this DAC is I out so need I/V converter, but this time using
one resistor R converter.then result is Ok will use I/V converter by one of OPE IC.one thing ES9023 DAC getting heavy Noise sometime.
must add output capacitor of out put terminal.and much better up grade mpd to 0.19.9 .

TDA1543 16bit DAC

I/V with One of OP-AMP ,but first try R converter I2S DAC

After Dec 2017 archive is does not work good from official of FA.............Archives of 2017.Sep are work fine but after these one are
does not work fine from FA.Be careful to buy these kind of one board PC very much risky.they does not make good support.

Volumio2 Again

volumio2 for NanoPIby Volumio forum
can get new Volumio 2 for NanoPi-Neo2. please visit Volumio site forum.carefully read this forum some day can get update files.

Volumio2 NanoPi Neo2 2018 Feb 5

Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 Feb 6th 2018 and works very fine :)WorkStation is RP3 Ubuntu Xenial

volumio2 5th Feb2018 + NOS DAC

Quite Good Sound get TDA1543 I2S R I/V DAC

Volumio2 + NanoPi-Neo2

Play Test Volumio2 + TDA1543 I2S DAC by NanoPi-Neo2

But Still Volumio2 Can not play DSD/DSF as DoP when using PCM5102A and ES9023 DAC , MPD Ubuntu Xenial can do Play DSD/DSF as DoP same condition.

Sound Test with TDA1543 I2S DIY DAC !!! :) I/V is only one R using

OS is Volumio2 5th Feb 2018 version for NanoPi-Neo2

Nanopi-neo2 volumio2<

DSF-->>> DoP by Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 7th Feb 2018 Version / I2S PCM5102A Very Good Sounding

Can play by 24bit 176.4Khz set up with PCM5102A I2S,DSF and flac. anything can play why ? I don't Know.very fine.

24bit 176.4 Khz setup then can play 352.8 Khz 32bit,24bit, .aiff
88.2Khz aiff,2.8Mhz dsf and mp3,ogg,flac,wav,wv,mp4 close all of file are fine.by volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2
finally :I built up 3 of I2S DAC.PCM5102A I2S DAC, ES9023 I2S DAC and TDA1543 NOS DAC. 3 are work fine.no specially need configuration.

Volumio2 I2S DAC

I2S DAC with Volumio2



setup volumio2 Nanpo Pi2

Setup Volumio2 + ES9023 DIY DAC on 24th Feb 2018//choose snd-sun8i-i2s-dac

Note: snd-sun8i-i2S-dac or H3 ,2 of them. you can use TDA1543 ,PCM5102A and ES 9023 DIY DAC.

Volumio2 unofficial version image by 5 Feb 2018. DAC is DIY ES9023

Play Jazz on 2nd Mar 2018.I2S DAC PCM5102A D.I.Y by Volumio2

Note : If your home LAN using both of IPv6 and IPv4 please rewrite /etc/mpd.conf a part of
# For network
#bind_to_address "localhost"
bind_to_address ""

then #reboot or
#systemctl stop mpd
#systemctl start mpd
for connectively under IPv6 and IPv4.have to choose IPv4 for Music Server for sometimes stop Music Server.
so have to edit /etc/mpd.conf of any mpd server like Raspberry Pi etc too.

play 352Khz PCM by volumio2

Can play 352.8 Khz aiff by Volumio2 NanoPi-Neo2 (PCM5102A DIY DAC) MPD is 0.20.6 Ver

Volumio2 Version update can do from WebUI

Play DSF

MPD 0.19.13 but play DSF ,DSD as DoP ,very fine Music Play NanoPi-Neo2

I2S DAC DIY show you, easy to build up



ES9023 I2S

ES9023 I2S DAC with Master Clock 49 Mhz

ES9023 DAC back side

ES9023 DAC back side


TDA 1543 I2S DAC for Nanopi-neo2 :Sound is good from 16bit DAC

service broowser

Service Browser/Androido you can find IP in your home LAN

Smooth Jazz NYC was gone and any more play in text play by mpd.
But We have bunch of Smooth Jazz around USA. all of free. Smooth Choice.com Smooth Jazz MIX NYC Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay Smooth Jazz florida HD Smooth Jazz florida Smooth Jazz Global Smooth Jazz and more Best Smooth Jazz UK London Bay Smooth Jazz(Japanese) SmoothJazz.com Global
http://listen.streamonomy.com/sjfplus Smooth Jazz florida Plus Smooth Jazz Radio KJAC.DB
http://listen.shoutcast.com/smoothjazzcd1019newyork Smooth Jazz Cd101.9 New York
http://listen.radionomy.com/lovesmoothjazzcom LoveSmoothjazz.com
http://listen.radionomy.com/SmoothJazzBox SmoothJazz Box
http://streamingV2.shoutcast.com/SmoothJazzNewYorkCity?lang=ja%2cjv%3bq%3d0.8%2cen-US%3bq%3d0.5%2cen%3bq%3d0.3 Smooth Jazz NYC
Smooth Jazz pls<<<<---- Smooth Jazz tar ball zip
My Radio List<<<<---- InterNet Radio List tar ball zip
2018 Radio List<<<<---- InterNet Radio List tar ball zip
Virginia Music was gone but right now find just like same station Name is Satin Jazz / broadcasting from Torontocast

Satin Jazz

satin Jazz

mpd 0.20.xx Started

Please prepare micro SD of 16 G Byte or more. # apt-get install Please do not mpd. Other libraries you need are # apt-get installed. Since the mpd installed with the
repository is mpd 0.19.12, it is conflicting with the mpd installed at source so the path is incorrect and installation is accurate
It is not possible. The binaries installed by source come from / usr / local / bin. I will introduce the OS first and use old ones. The OS is as follows.
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 4.11.2 Please use this because there is a link somewhere on this site. It is the OS recommended by the manufacturer. AC adapter for large capacity Pi 3 I think that the adapter of
is good. I do not care about I2S DAC, but I think that one using PCM 5102A is good. Please make your own.D.I.Y //translate by Google

mpd 0.20.6

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with MPD 0.20.6 sound is very fine with ES9023 DIY DAC on 1st July 2018

MPD 0.20.20

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS MPD 0.20.20 very stable and getiing fine sound so back to mpd 0.20.20

NanoPi-Neo2 MPD 0.20.20

compile again for mpd of  NanoPi-Neo2 ver mpd 0.20.20 7th July 2018

Compile is not difficult for one. please try to compile mpd archive get from musicpd.org
and" how to" are ,you can find same pagempd
first step is ,to get archive which do you like from "downlod " at left side of view then .ssh access your pi-server # cd /usr/src or any where do you like.
# wget https://www.mpd xxxxxx.tar.gz enter then tar xvzf xxxxxx.tar.gz then you have to compile.
this one of example ./configure --with-systemdsystemunitdir=/lib/systemd/system
end of configure said right now " something like "make".... then you can make then can install mpd into your pi-server.please see instruction of www.musicpd.org.
Note: musicpd.org recently (2018 Aug) seems to have rewritten the install page for beginners. It became easy to read for any one.

for detail: and my mpd.conf is MY MPD just example.
music directly is same as mpd until mpd 0.19.xx and make sure you have to make mkdir #.mpd and mpd.conf have locate at ~/.mpd/mpd.conf and music lib is from
# /mnt/MPD and /mnt/MPD have to link from " /var/lib/mpd/music".mount of NAS and other music server using cifs-utils same as mpd 0.19.xx family.
I can play DSF ,AIFF,any DSD archive as Dop and flac, ogg ,mp3 and any other format.no noise. if did you get noise many case get from communication line .LAN etc.
prefer to use only LAN.if do would like to get good sound without pumping noise from DSD and high sampling music.and if good quality of sound would like to get,please
use analog power supply .do not use AC/DC digital power supply.or Battery is best. and summer time temp is going over 35 dgree C (more than 100 F) inside of room.
if does not have a kind of FAN. probably to get some pumping noise and same noise of scratch noise of Vinil player.please use some kind of FAN. USB FAN is good for cool.
and still you got noise please use good power supply for NanoPi and Raspberry Pi. no use small AC/DC paluse power supply.
Although it is such a cheap music server, you can use the built-in DAC H3 which can use USB DAC and I2S DAC all at once.
Note 1: musicpd.org recently (2018 Aug) seems to have rewritten the install page for beginners. It became easy to read for one.
Note 2: and my smb.conf is MY smb.conf

mpd dsf

doing DSF play show by GMPC

mpd 0.20.20

Sky MPC / Cantata by Fedora Core 22 and right now working mpd 0.20.20 can play DSF and any type of Music

Raspberry 2 pi Mate Ubuntu

Watching by Mate Ubuntu RP3 ,Doing play by mpd 0.20.20

Stream Ripper how to use

#apt-get install streamripper
just install by ssh
if can not install # apt-get update then StainJazz 2 then you can get one directly of StainJazz 2 inside of Music.
#streamripper -u 093800 -r -R 2
access bu ssh then #cd /var/lib/var/music/Music
Music# streamripper -u 093800 -r -R 2
same way can save music other webradio Station world wide.

stream ripper

Streamripper on Nanopi-neio2 by Fedora Core 22 Linux 64bit x86

M.A.L.P MPD Client


M.A.L.P MPD Client for Android --Google APP--

This application is a bit dangerous, if you have any plan, please use with caution. It is also possible to drop the server, sometimes inadvertently erasing the file.
Since it is an android, it can be considered to erase the data of the server after hardening. In my case I deleted the application.

# apt-get install usbmount
Now you can create a USB port under /media/. You can listen to what you recorded on an external PC. First of all we will create a link.
Since usb can be seen with cd /media/, I will link this to the server. This is an example, so the link is different depending on the person.
# ln -s /media/usb /var/lib/mpd/music/Music from the command line. Shared parts can be shared. I explained this above as well.
translate by Google. shown which add USB memory on Nanopi-neo2.

Add USB memory

Add USB Memory

This tool does not work fine in this server when using NAS and other server work with together.please remove this application. as #apt-get purge usbmount
be careful to use.when if would like to use usbmount. # apt-get purge usbmount .be carefully to use.sometime does not work fine NAS.

MPD 0.20.90 by NanoPi-Neo2

Play DSF by mpd 0.20.90 on 12nd Aug 2018 ,sound is very fine and clear.getting more bass.

Note :mpd 0.20.xx or higher installation is an image of Ubuntu Xienial and installs nothing yet. Please never install with apt-get.
You can install with apt-get mpd 0.19. Since these are different paths, they can not be mixed with 0.20 series.
The above-mentioned MPD of English from this site
Please refer to the installation method. Anyone can use mpd 0.20.xx. mpd 0.20.xx series can play DSF and the setting is simplified.
I think that the sound also gets better. Due to differences in these paths and differences in settings, the 0.19 series archive can not coexist.
I think mpd 0.20.xx is very good and getting good sound from any DAC and it is very stable. :)


Left is FN1242A DAC for RPI and Left is PCM5102A DAC for Rasp I2S but can use as NanoPi-Neo2

Nanopi-neo2 I2S DAC

Right now using I2S DAC DIY for NanoPi-Neo2 ,sound is very natural and very fine.

Nanopi-Neo2 does not need doing configure kernel. get sound just write alsa at mpd.conf


This circuit(schematic) is just testing for NanoPi-Neo2 24bit 198Khz DAC but discontinue Model IC

Install of NetData "can watch Data Server around conditon from so fa way"

By installing NetaData you can see the status of the NanoP - Neo 2 mpd music server remotely. There are introductions on other sites such as this, let's install first.
I think that installation is possible relatively easily because I use git.
----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
$ sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev uuid-dev libmnl-dev gcc make git autoconf autogen automake pkg-config
$ git clone https://github.com/firehol/netdata.git --depth = 1
if did you get error, just $ git clone https://github.com/firehol/netdata.git
$ cd netdata /
$ sudo ./netdata-installer.sh
then you can see http://your music server IP:19999 from your local PC
for ex:

NetData on Nanopi-Neo2

I can understand the state of the CPU, but this does not mean I know the state of the sound, but if it is remote, it may be useful for management etc.

Installing last fm

First of all, please register last fm.
Next, access it with ssh and install the next application.
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install mpdscribble

Then edit /etc/mpdscrobble.conf and /etc/default/mpdscrobble
Edit mpdscrobble.conf file
url = http://post.audioscrobbler.com/
username = lagartXXXXX
password = xxxxxxxxxxx
# The file where mpdscribble should store its Last.fm journal in case
# you do not have a connection to the Last.fm server.
journal = /var/cache/mpdscribble/lastfm.journal Please edit and save as above. For music servers that do not have WEBUI, register and edit them all in the same way.
/etc/default/mpdscribble file editing
# Whether to enable system wide daemon
MPD_SYSTEMWIDE = 0 "0" to "1" please.
# Whether to enable system wide daemon
I will do as above. Then start with $ sudo /etc/init.d/mpdscribble start. after reboot.automatically started mpdscribble.
If you are worrying about it, you can check it with $ /etc/init.d/mpdscribble status. This will upload the list to last fm,
It may be a dangerous application depending on viewpoint, but it is very useful application. If it is not on the list, it is recommended that you listen to such a song.
just like show next on Last fm site.

login last fm

login last fm can see history of listen music past days from Music Server

MPD is down .so no sound again from mpd 0.20.09

re-install again mpd 0.20.9 , one thing mpd is going change other system.new mpd version is mpd 0.21.3 and they change how to install mpd.no configure Linux known.
so does not have ./configure and make .acutally I do not understand how to install mpd 0.21.3. some day I will tell you here.
so mpd 0.20.9 install again Nanopi-Neo2.just get Ubuntu Xenial into microsd.just same way used be.
setup file located at /etc/mpd.conf I am using as root.get mpd-source and compile then make and make install.same as before.then
#systemctl start mpd for start mpd after install mpd by hand.
then check status of mpd show next.

mpd start and status

show mpd start after install mpd from source.if does not get active means show as inactive means not function mpd . so edit /lib/systemd/system/mpd.service
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/mpd --no-daemon most case does not find mpd.conf file so have to add place of mpd.conf show next.
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/mpd --no-daemon /etc/mpd.conf
then re start mpd or reboot system NanoPi-neo2 music server.if fine work mpd. add next comand for auto start mpd when reboot system.
# systemctl enable mpd from auto start next reboot.
any time you can check condition of mpd.by
# systemctl status mpd

I installed various applications from source, but finally I do not read DSF. After all it became reinstallation of mpd. Stop the root's home directory and save the configuration file as /etc/mpd.conf
That's it. A new mpd 0.21.3 was issued. Instead of compiling with Linux knowledge, this is a method of installing Git or a third party like mpd. Make and install method is 0.20.9
It seems to be until
. I have tried several times, but I do not understand at all, I will wait for someone to install with a pillar. 0.21.3 has many wonderful things written. It is the next generation MPD.

How to use Nanopi-Neo 2 in my case

Because NanoPi - Neo 2 does not have image output(HDMI), it is a one - board PC that is very hard to use stand - alone. It is very convenient to prepare another one. Another one is to install Volumio 2 and use that music server as NAS.
There is no need to be another Nanopi-neo 2, RaspberryPi Zero can be used, even an old personal computer that does not need to be used It is used as a server for step-up in order to be stable. Sound does not go out there
I will put a good quality sound from Nanopi-Neo 2. NAS for NanoPi-Neo 2 which has been sold cheaply recently also does not matter. In a sense I think that it is good to install Volumio 2 on NAS for Nanopi - Neo 2.
in this case using Nanopi-neo2 with Volumio2 and this micro Music server using with other Music Server like moodeaudio and runeaudio music server.In my case Volumio 1.55 is installed in raspberrypi B + as mentioned earlier.
There is 2 Tera USB connected, so I am sharing the archives there.and inside of HDD is separated each category of Music and Artist.off course I can play music saved on my wife's PC 's share.
even google strage music too.
this MPD Music server does not have WEBUI so must be use SKY MPC and Cantata. I am using mpd 0.20.9 and using DIY ES9023 I2S DAC getting good sound.

What should I do? Installing new mpd

Meason builder seems necessary. It seems that these are usually executed by GUI, and how do you install it on a PC without HDMI like this server? The project has been on for quite some time
It seems there was a problem, but. First you need to click on the link below to study.Why did that happen? That's because the MPD currently present depends on Debian, as the Debian package moves to Meason Builder.
mpd is built with Debian's package. The archive depends on Debian Linux, saying the source, which is the cause.

meason builder

The Meson Build system

Install Subsonic on NanoPi-Neo2

Instll subsonic

Install Subsonic on Nanopi-Neo2

Actually if one's would like to install into Ubuntu this Music server need install Jave .but terminal said
add-apt-repository does not have...so getting error. then have to install repositry for java before "software-properties-common"
$ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common python-software-properties
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
you have repositoy in your Ubuntu so can install java.
any way , Madsonic and Subsonic need Java, both are using Java.which is best I do not know depend on you like.one thing can not use with mpd.
This will install Oracle - Java 8. The problem is to change from Subsonic to Madsonic. Unsubscribe Subsonic unnecessary.
I think that it is better to use purge, but since you can not delete the directory you created yourself, you can delete it entirely by setting $ rm -R / directory. Both subsonic and Madsonic are relatives.
The installation method is exactly the same with exactly the same structure. I do not think you can use either, but you can not put in two, MPD can not mix. When sound is output with MPD, the load is heavy and the sound is interrupted. It is positionally close to MDDA
It is existence. Just to be sure, if you compile the source you can UN-install. For Ubuntu uninstallation, use # apt-get purge xxxxx 1 or # apt-get remove. In the case of Madsonic
Please use
Ver6. Archive in 2016 and two years ago, I think that it is the most stable. If you have a host PC, please download the file to Windows, Mac, Linux.
After that, will create a shared folder on Ubuntu side of Naonopi-neo 2. Drag it to the shared holder using samba. will install from that holder. That is, wget is affected by protect etc.
Since I can not download the archive, that is where saved this is Google's archive server, so can not use WGET here, so let's install it like this. I hope wget can be done
This is because downloading of files from this like google server can not be done.doing #apt-get then stop install terminal said $sudo apt-get -f error ,,,,,please try (run) $ sudo apt-get -f
then re-install resoisitory java. after $ sudo apt-get update.

Madsonic v6

Madsonic v6 on Nanopi-Neo2


you can choose laungage --this version is Japanese

Very impotant Note: If would like to use NanoPi-Neo2 as Music Server please lean Linux first.if do not know Linux.

my desktop shown by photo

main amplifier on 2018

this is Main Amplifier always using these Amplifiers. 300B Single Ended Amplifier

my desk top on 2018

always something to do ......

Note: I feel that the MPD has become 0.20.xx and the sound is very good. Since the version of mpd is the same as Moodeaudio, RuneAudio, volumio 2,
the trend of sound is the same. Because there is no interface on the contrary, the sound is also
It might be good. I do not have a UI, but I think that there is no inconvenience if you use it with other clients. "quite stable".
MPD is fully stable with Nanopi-neo 2 even RaspberryPi 2, 3.
I think that the sound trends are more vivid than those who do not use the dedicated OS for Music Server because there is gloss in the sound. Please do try it :)
It demonstrates sufficient stability. Although moodeaudio, runeaudio sometimes freezes, it does not freeze, this MPD does not freeze, you can listen to music stably for a long time.

Although I spend a lot of time, I think the sound is good enough for MPD alone. The problem is that the OS is limited.
It is a disadvantage that even if a new version of Linux is released like x86 Linux does not work.
It is a very limited standalone Music Server. In order to put WEBGUI, the ability to combine servers is necessary.
It is best to use a client. I think that it is a safe line to use Raspberry Pi. If you say
Why? Does "Raspberry Pi foundation" not issue Arm 7 or Arm 8 of PiZero? I think that Pizero is limited in use and limited.
There is not a good translation if it is cheap. There are lots of doubts.but try to build up small Music Server not so bad.
I am very happy using NanoPi-Neo2 with mpd 0.20.90 by ES9023 DIY DAC.

for Test by ENCORE


Free MP3

Free Down load MP3 from Classic,POP to Jazz any kind of Music

Fm Steram ORG

NanoPi Tip

Diet PiDietPi from here


to get OS for NanoPi Neo2

Friendly Elec

LightMPD only Japanese siteso please use google translate

Raspberry Pi B+


Mr TKZ version Volumio2 for NanopiNeo2

this part translate by Google:this Volumio2 for NanoPi-Neo2 has Master Clock

7th Avenue

since 16th Sep 2017 NanoPi-Neo2 Music Server how to last up 13th Dec 2018

Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y edited with BlueFish By JH1 DAS ex WB4ACI from Sakura Chiba Japan

How to build up Amplifier Single Ended Amplifier 2018