*  PCM56 DAC D.I.Y

I think sound is better than modern over sampling DAC .
Sound is very good.very clear and low range are so nice response.
very simple circuit and very few components use.only need good power supply.
I have bunch of CD's never listen but tryed to listen old cheap disc newly.good sound
getting from No Sampling PCM56 DAC. PD0052 is discontinue model IC so please
try to use CS8412,CS8416 etc.and very good combination with EL156 Single Ended
Amplifier. EL156 Single Ended Amplifier is getting so nice sweet sound from
Non Over Sampling PCM56 DAC.It's very nice sound.!!!!
DAI PD0052 can reproduce 32Khz,44.1Khz,48Khz but could not reproduce 96Khz.
if would like to build up non over sampling DAC please use CS8416 DAI.
good solution of sound get easly from non over sampling DAC.



A)PD0052 is Pioneer digital audio interface(NOS),socket base is shulink DIP so not easy to get
Base.I have modificate IC for use.
B)ϡPCM56 x2 C)CS8416 for the other experments DAC.this time no use.

D) Now testing wave form and how to function. at least need 2 trace Oscloscope.

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