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Old Europian Pentodo Philips EL3N

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Still you can buy internet this good NOS Valves from Philips

EL3N power old tubes

There are EL3N old europian Pentodo valuves


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el3n philips single ended amplifier

EL3N Pilips Single Ended Amplifier on 21st May 2011

AL4 EL11 EL3n differ only in the base and all have the same characteristics.
Since the bases are different, they are not compatible with each other, and the characteristics of the pentode of PCL86 are very similar.
EL12 is a higher-grade characteristic. The power may reach 8w with a single. All El3N systems have an anode loss of 9W and a maximum output of about 4W.
It is said that 7K is appropriate for the anode resistance.
All European pentode vacuum tubes have a low bias and can be driven sufficiently with a single triode at about 5V to 6V.
Vacuum tubes in the United States are characterized by a high grid bias because the transmission tube serves as the standard.
Therefore, it is difficult to drive and a 2-3 stage drive amplifier is required. EL156 is also a vacuum tube with a very low control grid voltage.

EL3N single ended amplifier

re-build up EL3N Single Ended Amplifier UL on 2019 APR


Japanese Radio Network on Line

Note very impotant:fish

el3n  el3n

EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on 2011


Someone said!!!!.EL3N old europian valuves are ,will be get
4.5W rms pentode single ended, but Triode connection curve is very similar with RCA 45
curve is just same as RCA 45 but sound is very beautiful will be get.this tube is
indirect heating and MFg on 1939 very old tube.he said sounding is sound of direct-heating
tube sound........What do you think? many europian tubes amplifier made up just like
same charactor of PX25,soundding to get.this time try to build up EL3N triode connection
heater is 6.3V and 0.9A needed and same as Pen45 , many person said this is family of Ameican 6V6.
but these europian pentodo's cathode is very fat than 6V6 family.
many DIYer said same family of 6V6 and EL84 of only chatactor.
real is triode connection(wired triode)Ep-Ip charactor is just same kind of
RCA45 and 50.used be use E406N, sound like same as them.small old europian tubes are
many different with new american valves's charactor.triode connection's EP-IP is
very similar of direct heating triode.

Ep-Ip of EL3N

And small signal range of PX25 and EL3N wired triode charactor
are just similar of each other.many person said PX25 is not triodo.is tetrodo.
but these kind of charactor has only AL4,EL3N,EL11( same family)and PEN45,EL33 until power
dissipation of 9W. old small europian pentodo are very good.

so will be get good sounding depend on what kind of audio transformaer using.
This time using Audio Transformer from Noguchi Transformer Kiwame PMF-7WS.
and primary impedance is 7K ohms. probably to get sound next weekend.
so Spec of Philips said Triode connection will be get around 1.1 W rms.
if do you have over 91dB/m/w efficiency speaker enough to use at home.

this tubes got from one of friend in chile. many
years ago. Mr's name is Don Francisco Mella in Chile.

As you knowEuropian old power valuves makes Classic sound good.
and American old power tubes made sound for Jazz good. this word knows evrybody(audiophiles).

How about Sound ?soundding is very clear just like to lesten
Triode Direct heating Europian Single Ended Amplifier.sound is good for classic when use
E88CC and if would like to lesten Jazz Music please use 6N1P is good.
this time using small 7K ohm Audio Transformer so does not get all of charactor of EL3N.
if good big transformer like Hashimoto Transformer will be best for getting good bass.

Sound is very nice,Just like charactor is very similar of E406 Triode single ended amplifier.
E406 is one of famouse direct heating europian Triode as you know.sound charactor is very
similar.sound is good for both Jazz(6N1P) and classic(E88CC) when using each driver.
If would like to build up : Coupling capacitor is use Black Cat.
Black cat capacitor is very clear from low frequency to high range.Mfg is Cornell Dubilier USA.
very nice capacitor but not expensive.expensive one is
Tone Factory Cupper film capacitor.Name is T-CAP[Cu],and many Japanese Audiophile are using as
coupling capacitor.very expensive.but very good one for Audiophiles.
Technic of "Distortion cancellation"

Any single ended amplifierhas driver and driver must be
use some technic of "Distortion of cancellation". if you are using 2 stages single ended
amplifier.driver must be distorted sound.if 2 stages of single ended amplifier does not get
good sound enough, probably driver amplifier has "no distortin" signal.single ended driver
means a half cycle of wave must be distortion singnal.but many good amplification circuit does
does not get distortion.if put out without distortion signal output stage of control grid
generally does not get good sound from your speaker.in generally final of single ended amplifier has
getting distortion signal within a half cycle of full wave.
so what need to do ? I have to make distortion at half cycle of full wave.
this case is , 47K ohm of 6N1P made up distortion signal of a half cycle of sound.
depend on what kind of driver using,different place of componets make half cycle of full wave.
as you know SRPP is very nice driver amplifier but not so good for driver for single ended
amplfier.becasue very diffcult to make distortion signal by srpp amplifier.probably
can make distortion signal by cathode resistance of downer amplifier of srpp.
this EL3N single ended amplifier case is 47K ohms resistance made ditortion signal
depend on value of plate resistance of 6N1P.if does not like sound must be change
value of resistance. some this circuit can be use for any kind of low bias power
driver tubes.for ex europian power pentode and some of American tubes like 6V6,6F6 etc.
if one's using 6N1P or ECC88(6DJ8) for driver, RL is must be adjust for good soundding or
watch distortion meter then adjuste RL value.
we call it's "HIZUMI NO UCHIKESHI" 歪みの打ち消し,and "Distortion cancellation"in english.
circuit is very simple so can be use any power tubes driver.
this EN3N is, made on 1940 by philips.but getting very modern sound from my speaker system.
But depend on quality of Audio Transformer.for me,EL3N Single Ended Amplifier is Best in
this moments.good bass and very clear mid and high frequency ranges.


passing one amplifier means wave form of signal is changed "up-side down" to
out put signal when if using p-K(cathode grounded) amplifier.amplifier make 180(2x3.14)
degree wave signal.single ended amplifier is very impotant caluculate or choose value
of plate resistance of driver for minor distortion.any single ended amplfier to do
this kind of aligment(adjustment).

Note: character are almost same of EL11 and EL3N .some site said almost same Red Line.(painted red surface of valves)
260 V + B and 39 mA ,cathode resistance is 150 when using penthode modo.load is 3.5 K ohm.many case using 3.5 K ohm.
from 3 K.
You can feel that it is about 3.5 W sensuously. Please provide an amplifier with low distortion. It does not sound like a vacuum tube made in the 1940s. I'm surprised!
I do not know if the characteristics of this transformer are good or the characteristics of the vacuum tube are good, but I think it will make a very pleasant sound. Even from the viewpoint of the EP-IP characteristics, I think that the linearity is very good and similar to 45.
I think the sound is very good. Especially JAZZ is very good. Especially the sound of the strings, the sound of the piano, and the sound of the mid-high range are vacuum tubes that do not seem like a five-pole tube. The sound gets better with a bigger transformer
I feel like it. This small transformer inductance is relatively high and gives a very good sound.

10% KF sound

The audio output display shows a distortion rate of 10% and a maximum of 4.5W. This is a standard that says that the maximum value of audio equipment is 10% distortion rate. In general, there is no distortion factor, but
What kind of sound is this 10% sound? This is the worst value and is by no means a good sound. A sound with a distortion rate of 10% indicates a sound that cannot be said to be comfortable to the human ear.
In terms of sine waves, the sound in this area has a waveform like a square wave with a collapsed peak value, and it is a general indication that it is not a sound but a sound close to noise. Why is the distorted sound in such an area the maximum value?
I don't understand if there is a standard value that says. is a common sound. Our value is about 5% as the maximum value, but the sound is still distorted in general measurements.
The maximum value is generally between 2% and 1%. The explanation in the audio world is that human hearing is difficult to understand up to 5%. It follows that 10% distortion is not common.


EL3N and PCL 86 part of Pentodo are almost same

EL3N is very similar in characteristics to the pentodo of PCL86.
European pentodes have very low grid bias
is. The USA vacuum tubes have a deep grid bias and are difficult to drive, but the old European pentodo have a shallow bias.
It is possible to drive with one stage of triode vacuum tube. It also appears in the sound.
Although low frequencies are produced, it is characterized by high plate impedance.
The EL34 is a power tube, but it has a high bias and cannot be driven easily. This is exactly the characteristic of the USA tube. Low plate resistance.
European tubes, on the other hand, are characterized by high plate resistance and very low bias.
C'est une histoire que j'ai entendue de mes aînés il y a longtemps. On dit que les tubes à vide USA ont été développés pour le JAZZ.
On disait que le son manquait de finesse.
Le 300B n'est pas à l'origine un tube audio, car on l'appelle une cloche,
ce sont les tubes utilisés pour amplifier les lignes téléphoniques et les tubes des amplificateurs de théâtre.
Et de nombreux tubes européens sont, comme le dit Hitler, des tubes développés pour lui permettre d'écouter de la musique, c'est-à-dire de la musique classique.
, m'ont dit mes aînés. Je pense que c'est exactement le cas.
Les tubes à vide européens sont probablement des tubes à vide développés pour écouter de la musique classique.

Black cat

Cornell Dubilier Black Cat

CU T-Cap

High End Capacitor by To-ich denk (East-One Electronics)

well,,,This wired triode single ended amplifier sound is very nice even listen American old Jazz
and europian classic too.

front view of EL3N SE

Front View EL3N Single Ended Amplifier

EL3N Single Ended Amplifier

Circuit Daigram is above for EL3N(triode)Single Ended Amplifier

please see spec for EL3N


2011 June my line up

my line up above,EL3N Philips Single Ended Amplifier is Main


V2 schematic diagram for EL3N SE

No3 Amplifier

small up date of amplifier,good bass and good separation than before

Bypass capacitor conected to cathode of EL3N.result is getting good bass and
good separation than before.sound is very clear snd seems look like triode tube.
sound is just like europian old triode single ended amplifier.this amplifier sound
is very modern amplifier sound.
PX25 DO-30 are Tetrode wired triode inside of valve and these kind of valves
sound very good for Classic and Jazz.EL3N is only 1 W rms under wired triode condition.
but sounding is just like sound of triode valve.

on 4th May 2018.I bought pair of Noguchi Transformer PMF-5WS very cheap transformer.but some one mentioned ,this transformer made
good sound with high impedance inductance.I will go to build up again EL3N Single Ended Amplifier.if I have time.as soon as possible.


PMF 5WS SG has terminal for UL

Grid bias

is -8V from to -10 V what 's meanning,this circuit can drive EL156 single ended
amplifier too.

I have only one of EL11 Valvo, if I have a spair time I will brew one of mono single ended
amplifier by high end single ended Tango Transformer as soon as possible.please wait for while.

Just Started brew EL11 mono Single Ended Amplifier
EL11 Telefunken

Telefunke EL11 pentodo

This time I will brew Single Triode connection mono Amplifier and using JS-6015H James single ended
Transformer.primary impedance is 7Kohm, very big single ended amplifier use transformer.
very heavy and Max power is 30W.it's will be get around 1.1W rms wired triode connection.
circuit is same as EL3N Single Ended Amplifier.



EL11 Single Ended Mono Amplifier-just started build up on 18th July 2011

4P1L Single Ended Amplifier May 25th 2014


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Each time using Kiwame Carbon Resistance for Power Supply, very stable components from KOA Japan


If would like to buy Kiwame ,can get from Acoustic Dimension and please see next link.
This link for Kiwame Resistance
can buy in your country.

Still going on  2016, EL3N Single Ended

Still going on ,,EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on 3rd July 2016

And PEN45 Single Ended Amplifier

A PEN 45 single amplifier that I made 25 years ago was found from a warehouse in a South American friend
RCA 45 Although it was a single amplifier, it was an amp that was remodeled to PEN 45. All transformers use TANGO.
Driver is 6SH7(Mesh) Hitachi and Power is Mazda PEN45.

PEN45 Single Ended Amplifier

Tango with Altec

Only 3 W rms Base is Edison Octal base not same as US Octal Base.

And another side of Amplifier of mine small push pull Amplifier and Triode Amplifiers.
Driver is 6SH7(Mesh) Hitachi and Power is Mazda PEN45

PEN45 Single Ended Amplifier

Mazda PEN45 Single-Ended Amplifier ,,if would like to build up ,careful to use Tube Socket

pen45dd se
Introduce in PolandAudio Mania pland

First Step of rebuild up EL3N on 24th May 2018

re build up el3n single ended amplifier 2018

re build up EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on May 2018

This time will be use PMF 5WS small Noguchi Transformer has UL tap.USD around $ 60 dollars.PMF-5WS has very good frequency response and high inductance.
will be good single ended amplifier of around 3.5 W with UL .

new Circuit EL3n Single Ended Amplifier

EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on 2018

(RE-NEW) Challenge again, EL3N single amp restor on April 2019

I have reassembled the EL3N single amp that had been dismantled. The circuit diagram is the same as the circuit drawn earlier. This EL3N has a very large heater current and is the same as 6L6 of modern vacuum tubes.
Although there is no indication of the maximum plate loss, it seems to be about 10 W. This time I used as a UL connection. Originally this SG did not have an SG tap, but I used a 5K tap.
For this reason, I use this method several times, but use the plate wire and the B + wire in reverse connection. I think it will be around 30%. The schematic is shown below.
The sound is very good and is the sound quality found in European tubes. It is the same tendency as EL156 that the bias is very shallow. It is a sound coming from a 1940 vacuum tube, but I think it is an incredible sound.
this old pentodo vacuum tube as NOS that is on the market. The low range is substantial because the heater current is large. The sound of the middle high range is also beautiful.
Is it a place where 3.5 W says output? The sound of a direct heating triode is coming out.
I think it is a very good vacuum tube. You just need a good 7K ohm output transformer. The model number of the output transformer is a transformer named PMF-7WS, a General Transformer Sales company.
Sound evaluation: 6AQ8 / 6DT8 was made into the first rank. Making the cathode resistance of 6AQ8 a good value of 1K ohm or more produced good results. This time I made 980 ohms because of the resistance I have.
6AQ8 has a U (mew) of 60. It is a high frequency tube. I have always liked this tube for a long time. The load resistance was chosen to be 84K ohms. It became a sound that brought out the goodness of the clear sound, EL3N.
Classic In particular, stringed instruments and pianos can be heard lively. It is a very bright sound, but the low range has come out well, and I think that how the strings sound is very good.
I'm sure it's a great single amp. A 7K ohm output transformer requires a good output transformer. It sounds great for classics because it is a European tube
You can feel
. I also listened to Jazz, and the middle and high range of the tightness of the low range became a great sound.
I would like to recommend collecting parts and making one. It is a magical vacuum tube.
You can feel that it is about 3.5 W sensuously. Please provide an amplifier with low distortion. It does not sound like a vacuum tube made in the 1940s. I'm surprised!
this is pentodo but sound like direct heating Triode Single Ended Amplifier sound.
I do not know if the characteristics of this transformer are good or the characteristics of the vacuum tube are good, but I think it will make a very pleasant sound.
Even from the viewpoint of the EP-IP characteristics, I think that the linearity is very good and similar to 45.
I think the sound is very good. Especially JAZZ is very good. Especially the sound of the strings, the sound of the piano,
and the sound of the mid-high range are vacuum tubes that do not seem like a pentodo. The sound gets better with a bigger transformer
I feel like it. This small transformer inductance is relatively high and gives a very good sound.
Let's recreate it again. It is not bad sound as you uploaded to Youtube. Don't you think that listening to classical sounds and jazz vocals sounds very good?
The sound just like the direct heat tube triode is. It is easy to drive because the bias is shallow. It is a feature of the European Audio Valves as NOS.
It seems that this vacuum tube is quite present. The price is still quite cheap
I think that many people are making to see the access on this page.
It can be assumed that a good amplifier can be made by examining the driver and examining the output transformer.
It is necessary to choose a triode for the driver, as European tubes are relatively easy to drive due to their low bias.
Although there is gain when using a pentodo, there is a drawback that good frequency characteristics can not be obtained.
It is necessary to choose a triode for the driver, as European tubes are relatively easy to drive due to their low bias.
Although there is gain when using a 5-pole tube, there is a drawback that good frequency characteristics can not be obtained.
For this purpose, we recommend a triode drive. In this case, use a triode especially because the grid bias of the output tube is shallow.
It is a mirror effect to avoid high frequency attenuation.

Go to the vinil of world DIY RIAA



Re build up EL3N Single Ended Amplifier Schematic diagram on 2019

EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on 2011

EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on 2011

Play by NanoPi-Neo2 SPDIF out and using DIY DAC EL3N Single Ended Amplifier on APR 2019

EL 156 China valve sound is very much great

Play Violin Haydon Quartetto Italiano


NOS EL12 NOS can deliver 8 W rms same as EL11 bias


What do you think this sound ??? do you like ? Russian valve 4P1L Single-Ended Amplifier just over 2W rms

RIAA Pre Amplifier by Mizushima Amplifier in Germany

This RIAA first stage is modificated by Mr Victor Serrano in Germany

RIAA mizushima

replaced 6Q7 in germany

My Customer in Germany using 2A3/45 Mizushima Single Ended Amplifier

This Video clip is a courtesy video by Mr Victor Serrano, who lives in Germany.



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EL84 Single Ended - 6BQ5 Single Ended Amplifier

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How about use for sound source from Raspberry Pi B+ This is not toy..High End Audio

Raspberry Pi B+

Only in JapaneseRadio Boy

Where can you buy EL3N NOS A D NLfrom Europa also can buy Japanese Transformer and components

since 21st May 2011.last up date 13rd Jan 2023 from Sakura Chiba Japan

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