Specially ,I love sound of Single Ended Amplifier


2A3 Bohemia

2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier Tacoma WA USA 20th Nov 2021

this Amplifier can use 2A3 ,45 ,71A, WA2A3

Western Electric WE300B
Western Electric

300B Single Ended Amplifier 2016
300B Single Ended Amplifier frequency resp 10Hz to 100Khz -1dB at 1 W ,Max Power is 9 W

Kanade 300B
300B Single Ended Amplifier Name of KANADE 2019
Heavey weight Power Transformer using for 220V

this counter started 18th Aug 2018

There are non-displayed products in Japanese products, and there are many made in Japan that show no intention despite reign as a famous manufacturer.
The amplifier I made is a product made in Japan. It is a true Japanese product. Of course, some parts are imported from China or parts manufactured in USA.
That's because Japan has already become a country that can not make parts. However,
important parts are selected from the good tests from the parts manufactured in Japan. Transformers
Capacitors, switches, screws, chassis, resistors, etc. I use them.
The product I thought and built up with Japanese thinking is my product made in Japan.


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on 2014 Vina del Mar 45/71A Single Ended Amplifier

on 2014 Vina del Mar Chile all Hashimoto Transformer

Bohemia Runs

very much good sounding when using 2A3b and 2A3C PSVANE on Nov 2020 Bohemia 2A3

This amplifier did orderd by one of Audiophile in WA.USA

EL156 Single Ended Amplifier on Feb 2020 in Lampa Chile


Best Transformer in the world

ISO Transformer in Tokyo

Acoustic Dimension
You can buy ISO Transformer from
I recommend to use ISO Transformer(they are ex Staff of ISO Tango )


only name of Tango it's no means Tango Transformer be carefull if you will buy

71A/45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier 2015 chile

RCA 245/2A3/71A compatible Single Ended Amplifier

small powe but sound is enough,,,,,2015
Mr C Westman his New Speaker and Mizushima Amplifier on JAN 2015 in Chile

June 2015 with Audio Analog

Mr C Westman's house with Analog 2015 June

in Canada

same as above but he lives in Canada now oct 2021

How about use for sound source from Raspberry Pi B+ This is not toy..High End Audio
Raspberry Pi B+

Bifuu V1 Sakura 2006

Bifuu V1 300B single ended amplfier 2007

Bifuu 300B single ended amplifier 2007

300B Single Ended Amplifier 2007

EL156 China Single Ended Amplifier 2009

this one can be use 6550,EL34,KT88 and EL156 New model can be use add KT66,6L6GC,5881 too

China EL156 Single-Ended Amplifier play.--up loaded 1st Mar 2018

2A4/45 compatible on 2010

Dr Joaquin Iglesias in Chile 2013
45/2A3 SET Amplifier this amp Site is here

45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

Custom model 2A3/45 compatible Amplifier

:2A3/45 SET

:2SW for 45/2A3 inter changeble
with XLR input

Atacama May 2014
in Chile,Passive Pre made by Dr Joaquin Iglesias May 2014

In Turky
in Turkey Supravox Speaker driven by few Watts

Horn with 71A single 2013

4P1L single ended amplifier 2014 chile
in Chile 4P1L Single Ended Amplifier on 2014 Dic

KR 2A3 version 2014

porco rosso amplifier

2A3/45 single ended amplifier chile

Tango trans coupling
45 Single Ended Amplifier by Tango

EL156 Single Ended Amplifier

Would you click above photo to see history

if you'd like to see own town Sakuraow

New D.I.Y recently isdiy


Differential Pre-Amp by Type Perque(Mr Kimura)Perque Drive

Small Company High End Audiohigh end audio in japan

My Product(Price List of Mizushima Amplifier)miz

Audio Karma org
AudioKarama Introduce Japan Audio Area


Single Ended Amplifier is using very small power so SPL is need at least 91dB/m/w over 95dB much better at home

This site has over 300 access's,from OUT OF Japan.
many thanks to " Audiophiler of the world ". from USA, France, Germany ,Italia ,both of Canada
and Europa , Mid East country and Mediterranean country,South Asia,South America, Newzealand ,Australia recently.

45/71A single ended amplifier 2013
45/71A Single Ended Amplifier on Nov 2013

santiago ,chile
Santiago,Chile 2014 Jan Owner's room

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

2A3 SET Paturro 2014

Paturro 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier 2014
Hashimoto 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier on Apr 2014 Play Jazz

Fervox 45/71A Single ended amplifier 2014
Hashimoto 45/71A Single Ended Amplifier using H20-7U on July 2014


45/2A3/71A/300B Compatible Single Ended Amplifier Bohemia 2020-2021 Owner is in Tacoma WA USA

4P1L Single Ended Triode/UL Pentode Amplifier on Nov 2014

in Chile 2016 with 300B Single Ended Amplifier

Altec A7 + 300B Single Ended Amplifier by You tube 2016 Aug

cocloliso 300B amplifier Dec 2016

Nov 2020 chile

Cocoliso with new owner in Chile Nov 2020

owner's audio system in chile

Hatt Audio Lab HO-808
Hatt Audio Lab HO-808 using 300B Single Ended Amplifier on 20th Mar 2017

WE300B Single Ended Amplifier 2016
300B Single Ended Amplifier is Best

small amplifier 20W
digital amp

Encore 2017 Nov
300B Single Ended Amplifier ' Name of Amplifier is Encore on 7th Nov 2017

New Space Design

Audio Karama

Amateur Radio Stealth Net


only 300B

300B Single Ended Amplifier for sales/make for you

from chile


特選商品の紹介と自作アンプの紹介 Only Japanese

EL84 para feed


Poetal site

show new type of this site PC and smartphone as Affiliate

Tetsu Kimura

Valve Master

I am doing support repair service for DoukAudio/Nobsound in Japan Market only

My amp production is a product that is produced by prepaying Audiophiles all over the world. We are making and testing with all your heart
Such an amplifier can not be manufactured only by my income. It is a garage maker established by the act of the production client. Please understand it enough
The price of the amplifier costs at least USD $ 3000 dollars. This includes amplifier parts, hassle, and shipping costs is never a profitable job
80% or more is parts cost and use very expensive Japanese parts. The quality of parts made in Japan has fallen and not necessarily made in Japan.

I brew -Hand Made Single Ended Amplifier for you_PRICE LIST of AMPLIFIERSmiz

radio garden

Radio Garden warld wide live radio ,you can find any small town's station any counry and country side



Mr Arimasa Kubo explain Precursor period

ground line

If do it DIY must need to read this page



logo single-ended.comHomebrew Radio Links - K3UH (Russ)

Santiago Chile 2020


Linkedin Mizushima

You Tube for Tube Amplifier



Poetal site

all of Amplifier Diy from Lagarto san or Lagarto .Lagarto is nick name on forum as new site



We Made Product Made in Japan

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